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Improving The Efficacy Of A Student’s Learning Process

My philosophy about education is that all children have rights to education, which must be clarified precisely for common understanding. Education should inspire in an exciting way, and educational environments should be developed to cater for the mental, physical and emotional abilities of children, which, in turn, will help them to adopt societal standards.

As a teacher, I would like to develop an educational atmosphere where students feel confident to utilize their potential and hidden talents. I support the idea of safe, educational environments where students feel free to share their creative ideas and take risks by trying new things both within the curriculum and extra-curricular areas. The following are some essential elements that I believe are imperative for improving the efficacy of a student’s learning process.

  • Students need clear and precise guidance, and therefore, as a teacher, I assert the need to develop convenient and easy-to-understand standards for societal and academic interactions.
  • Students should be encouraged to get involved in practical studies along with theoretical learning. Therefore, as a teacher, I would like to design a methodology for each lesson that would include 50% theory and 50% practical activities.
  • A good teacher provides students with the opportunity to grow, and this could be possible by enhancing their ability to question things. Curiosity is an active motivational device that can be used to increase students’ desire to know more.
  • Safe, educational environments help students to feel comfortable and to practice the skills they have learned.
  • Technology is an integral part of today’s world, and therefore, it is recommended for school’ administrations and teachers incorporate relevant technologies in the educational and learning process.

My passion for teaching flourished in my past schooling years I used to ask my teachers different queries regarding academic and social matters, and from there I developed a desire to have a life which revolves around helping others. My strengths are embedded in gathering individuals and starting different projects; therefore, as a teacher, students can rely on me to steer them for daily and educational projects effectively. Being a professional teacher, I have a vision that is based on a concept that relies on the non-discriminative aspect of education. I endeavour to inspire not only academic excellence but also development and improvement in after-school life for all students.



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