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Important Online Resources to Optimize Your Content and Remove Plagiarism

Content optimization is a very important task. It is essential to optimize your content according to the requirements of the search engine as well as your target audience.

If you are creating irrelevant and lesser quality content, then you would simply be wasting your time and energy as it would never rank well on the search results.

Manually optimizing content is not humanly possible, which is why it is important that you use online resources.

Today you can find hundreds of online tools that can help you optimize content according to the requirements of Google and your readers.

Here in this brief post, we are going to mention the most popular resources that can help you optimize content and remove plagiarism from it.

Six Amazing Optimization Tools to Help Create Good Quality Content

Optimization is not just a term; rather, it is a complete process that includes research, competitor analysis, quality writing, and of course, proofreading & editing. Here in this section, we have discussed some tools that can assist you in content optimization and make your work effortless.


This is one of the most popular tools being used in the SEO world. The tool is famous because of many reasons. For one, it can provide the best keyword and backlink analysis.

If you want to find out what keywords are being targeted by your competitors, then you must get this SEO tool. You can also find out the backlinks generated by your competition.

You can get the free Ahref webmaster tool and can use it for auditing your site’s content for free. You can use top-ranked keywords in your content by using this research tool.

Using the best keywords would make your content discoverable before Google. As a result you can drive more traffic and leads.



This is another popular tool that is today being used by everyone related to the content writing fraternity.

The reason why this tool is popular is that it makes the content proofreading process extremely easy. You can literally check and improve the quality of content in a couple of minutes with this tool.

Grammarly scans your content and finds errors in it. It would highlight spelling mistakes, grammatical issues, missing punctuation, and any other technical issues.

The errors in your content will be highlighted in different colors. You can click on each error and fix it with the solution given by the tool, or you can also manually improvise it.

Optimizing the quality of content is very easy if you have Grammarly on your must-have list.


Copyscape is a plagiarism checker tool. This tool is cloud-based, so you can use it on any device you want as long as you have a browser.

This tool helps you find plagiarism in the content you have written. Duplicate content can ruin the quality of your work and can badly affect your credibility as a writer.

This is why it is important to scan your work for plagiarism before submitting it.

Removing plagiarism is one of the most important things in content optimization. It is important that you scan your work even if you haven’t copied a single word.

This is because there is always a probability that your content would have similarities with another writer’s working on the same niche. is another online tool that is important for optimization. As the name tells us, this tool has something to do with rephrasing.

You can easily rewrite duplicate content with this tool. You just have to input the content that has been highlighted by the plagiarism checker and click on the ‘rephrase’ button.

Within seconds the tool can restate the plagiarized lines in a unique way. You cannot only use the for removing plagiarism from your content, but you can also use it for repurposing already written articles.

It is not always possible to create new content based on new ideas. So you have to reuse some of your old posts.

You just need to find similar articles written on the same topic/ideas and provide them as input in the rephraser. The tool would rewrite the complete article in a unique style and tone.

So you can easily create fresh content capital with this powerful paraphraser.

Word count plays an important role in optimization. Using this word counter tool would help you keep track of the number of words you have written in an article as a whole and also in different headings/subheadings. Well-structured content is one that is divided into equal parts (headers). You can manage the word count of each heading with this free online word counter. This word counter can also be used to create metadata in an ideal length.

You must know that Google always prefers long-form content. By long-form content, we are referring to an article that is over a thousand words. The reason why lengthy articles are preferred is that they can easily cover minor and major details related to the topic. More engagement can also be achieved with the help of lengthy posts instead of short ones. Lengthy articles are hard to manage which is why we would suggest you take help from this credible word counter.

Tin Eye Reverse Image Search

The tin eye is a very famous visual search tool. When talking about content optimization, you must not forget about the visual content on your site/document. Images and infographics are an important part of your content. In fact, content having images is ranked higher than the one only having text in it.

Now, this reverse image search is beneficial in content optimization because it helps you find plagiarism in images. You can easily search by images you have used in your content with Tin Eye. The tool would compare the images with its database and provide you with results related to the image. You can find images that are 100% similar to yours and also ones that are relevant.

By comparing the results, you can easily find whether the images you are using are duplicates or not. In case the images are plagiarized, you must not use them. You can use tin eye to find copyright-free images related to your topic/focused keyword.


Content optimization is a tricky task. It is quite difficult to manually check and find quality issues and plagiarism in content which is why it is important that you take help from online resources. In this post, we have mentioned the most helpful and easy-to-use online tools that can help you check and remove plagiarism from your content and also optimize it in other ways for the search engine and the readers.



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