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Impact Identificationiter’s: American Family Insurance

Change is inevitable within every organization, and that brings the need to remain vigilant in implementing key demands that arise. American Family insurance must also incorporate the changes in structures as well as processes to obtain the competitive edge in the market. Such changes are not easily achieved since the management must get acquainted with such to ensure smooth operations. Change, when handled inappropriately, is the main cause of conflict and can destabilize key operations within the premise. At any given instance, it is necessary to understand the contribution of all the stakeholders in ensuring growth as well as success in the case. According to the video, it is imperative to smell the cheese often to understand what should be modified to ensure growth in the organization.

Previously, the marketing team banked on the physical methods, which are indeed costly and time-consuming. The advancement in technology should make it possible to save on cost while covering a wider market. For instance, the use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can play a crucial role in reaching out to key stakeholders in the most effective manner (Burke, 2017). Such an implementation might not go well with the personnel. Hence, the company must learn on how to ensure user involvement into the system to thwart any instance of resistance that might arise. In most cases, stakeholders feel appreciated in case they are part of a plan. That makes them feel valued and respected, and that makes it possible to give the very best of the course. In fact, such individuals are likely to offer insight on how best to address challenges that might arise during the operations.

American Family Insurance does not embrace the use of management Information system to operate. That makes it necessary to get results from every department and unify such manually. The instance is time-consuming and makes it hard getting reports for decision-making. With the advancement in technology, the company prospects on the use of an ERP to handle different departments in a unified manner. The approach is necessary for meeting the needs of the rising customer base. It will be possible for the organization to scale operations and improve on profitability. However, the instance is demanding and is likely to fail in certain instances. The most important factor to embrace is user training to eliminate the number of errors that might prove as a serious security concern to the premise. The implementation of logical as well as the physical methodology will also play a crucial role in fostering security.

Long-term challenges might exist even after user training and involvement. For instance, there is the possibility of having a mismatch on the functionality and the demands of the organization. The instance normally surfaces after a long period. Ideally, the same can be avoided in the initial stages (C, 2014, June 26). It is mandatory to have a clear understanding of the company demands and have proper testing of the system to eliminate such challenges. That will result in the procurement of a system that serves the organization right. Some factors to consider that might be short-term and long-term includes the usability of the system as well as the possibility of having frequent updates.

In conclusion, it is evident that change will be costly in the initial stages. However, the existence of a fully-fledged system will improve operations in most departments and make it possible to scale processes. The company is likely to record an increase in revenue, and that gives a competitive as well as customer loyalty.


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