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Immigration in Texas

How is the population changing in Texas?

Texas is located on the Mexican border, and the current trend of the Latin immigration is changing the population of Texas very rapidly. The illegal immigration has changed the conditions of the city entirely.

There are total 11 million undocumented immigrants who are called as illegal immigrants in the United States, are seen in Texas only and 2 million documented ones. Most of the immigrants are Latino descent, from Mexico. This number is continuously rising, and the condition of Texas is getting worst. The roads are entirely occupied, and the subway stations are also seen to be over-occupied which is causing the change in the lifestyle of the local community.

What are some of the possible political implications of the changing population in Texas?

Due to the rapid increase of the population of the Texas City and its neighboring areas, the Lieutenant governor, Houston state senator Dan Patrick started a campaign in 2014 to limit the immigration or the entrance of the immigrants to Texas.

It was emphasized as well as discussed that the federal government is not securing the borders for the ending or limiting of the illegal and is allowing an outnumbered immigrants to enter the country. On the other side Julian Castro, San Antonio’s Mayor have some opposite remarks in this concept as he said that Patrick is playing dog whistle politics and this immigration is not illegal.

After reading the “You Decide” passage, do you agree with Dan Patrick or Julian Castro? Should undocumented immigrants be given a pathway to citizenship or be sent back to their country of origin?

It is complicated to send back the immigrants back to Mexico, and the United States has never made such tradition in which the immigrant was carried back for any reason. Julian Castro is correct, and immigrants must be given a pathway to the citizenship of the United States.

The businesses, as well as much other private ownership, are getting high benefit by the immigrants. They are cheap labor, and their hard work let them confirm the jobs. The natives have difficult, but this difficulty will be removed with the passage of time. Moreover, United States would also have to invest a lot on the borders for limiting the immigrants, so it’s better to let the things as they are happening.

What are the pros and cons of illegal immigration in regards to both the U.S. and Texas economies? Consider how illegal immigrants have positively or negatively affected the economy.

There are some pros as well as cons of the illegal immigration to the United States as well as Texas economic. Due to immigration, the businesses are proliferating, and god profits are earned. The labor is found cheap as well which a way to decrease the cost is also.

There is a disadvantage on the economy, due to the increase of undocumented refugees, the rate of crime is multiplied which is an alarming condition for all over Texas, and it is highly required to resolve this issue.

Do you believe compromise is possible on immigration? Are the only two options deportations and amnesty? Is there a third option?

There is no problem which could be resolved by rigidness. The Texas government, as well as the local authorities, have to compromise on the immigration. Limiting the solution on only two options is also a problem. Some politicians, as well as business analysts, have given their point of views for achieving a perfect solution for this problem.

Giving a little benefit and treating them as citizens of United States wouldn’t cost as much as removing and sending them back. The possible solution would be giving them access to resources as the citizens have for the time being. Some of them will adjust, and the others have to move forward or backward through which there would be no cost spent on solving this problem.

What role should the state of Texas play in the immigration policy?

The state of Texas initially must analyze that how many numbers of people could be handled and accommodated easily. After that, the immigration policy could be formed. The immigration policy could be either in favor of the immigration as well as against it.

In respect to the political point of view and concerning the security of the city, handle the immigrant’s problem as soon as possible. It is impossible to remove the immigrants from Texas, but some reasonable steps could be taken for the problem solution of this problem. The best solution currently is only to document everyone to limit the crime from the city and to end the further entrance of immigrants in Texas.

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