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IMC & Marcom Essay

Marcom stands for marketing communications. It, therefore, refers to all the communications that are done to ensure that one interacts with the market. It is a combination of the different communication channels aimed at reaching the market under consideration (Begehr 2014). It takes into account aspects of channels such as advertising, promotion, personal selling, publicity, public relations, graphic design as well as branding. Marcom aims at getting a message to the customers in a more effective manner as opposed to the use of a single form of communication.

The functions of marketing communication have become more integrated for various reasons. First, companies have put in place the different media platforms that are necessary for the respective communication. In addition, the companies have increased the skill levels for the employees to be able to make the communications respectively (Giovis 2006). Companies have the financial muscle to cater to all the costs that are involved in the integrated form of marketing communication. The fact that customers have been advancing in their lifestyles has also contributed to Marcom. This is because they can comfortably receive the marketing information via electronic gadgets such as phones and television that they readily afford.

Forbes writer, Judy Begehr states that content marketing will determine the content to be included in the planning of the overall marketing strategy. In this regard, the content ought to determine the rest of the steps to take in the marketing. Planning will, therefore, be dictated by the information provided to the market (Begehr 2014). For this reason, the intention of the marketing determines the planning from the beginning to the end. In addition, the content will determine the level of budgeting to be done. Therefore, content determines the plan to be enhanced on the budgeting. If the content to be delivered is quite long, the budget plan would match the same and vice versa.


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