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If I observed you teaching, what would I see and Hear

Students are the central part of society and going to be the future of a nation. Every country is dependent upon their youth, and they are playing an essential role in the arena of social, political, economic and nowadays active in environmental activities. Mostly youth are useless if they are not correctly educated so hear using term students will be more appropriate. Students from the level of school till university have same nature just they are changing their capacity for writing, developing thoughts and activities. The students around here require same treatment from moving to one level to another level.

Students get into the school with the mind of fun, enjoyment and making new friends. Also, they like to spend more time in the playground and being active in physical activity because they are energetic, having fresh minds and they are more in wonder world where they require having time like that. You can see their school bags with cartoon colors and their theme pictures same as their accessories. It is what they love to have.

Same if we look at the college and university students, they are somehow mature in their behavior regards to attitude towards their activities and their life. They try to mostly be in a small group than large groups of friends, try to spend time with friends outside beside institute. They are also involved in political activities, community work or some of them are having least interest even they do not care about their education just they spend time in college for doing fun. While these students mostly develop their attitude what their teacher reacted towards them.

But they both are going with same concern of teacher behavior. They both try to see and hear the same thing even afterlife they expect the same, but they make a demand from the teacher not in verbal but in action which is required to understand the teacher. I have been a student before becoming the teacher, and I can remember what I use to think and what I tried to get in my life. So if I am teaching what should be observed when you are watching me teaching and dealing with students?

The first thing which should be observed is; Attention. It is the most important thing for collaborative learning for students as they like to see that does teacher giving proper attention to them or not which plays a significant role. Giving attention to the student make them attentive in class and lecture becomes more interesting for them beside a formality of examination. Students in schools or higher education always require it. The teacher should remember the name of the students which gives they prioritize feeling with developing a good link with the student and tackling the wrong word is also in need of creating a chance of improvement in the students.

The other thing should be observed in the neutral behavior from the teacher. She should not make differentiation of good and bad students but take up all students on the same streamline. If I identify student is weak, I would like to give more attention. Teacher’s good behavior and her positive remarks can improve the efforts in class and their academic activities. Either student studying in college need same things from a teacher. But school level requires more because school upbringing has a mega effect on their college performances.

As observing me teaching, looking up to skills of lesson planning and class management is important because it derived the competency of teacher whether she can make out the things in a proper way or not. It also defines the command of a teacher on the subject content and its requirement to be followed to deliver out to the students and what are the objective for each class to be developed.  Students always try to hear something pleasant from our school teachers or administration. Like if schools get off due to anything they cheer and say; the school is the best or college is the best. But eventually, in the classroom, most of them are dull because there is teacher telling what they like to tell and they do not care what students want to hear. Like sometimes they use anger to control student’s behavior, but it gives opposite result might student start sitting on the back benches, not getting attentive in class and not doing cooperation with their mates.

The most important thing which should be observed in my behavior is motivational comments. Students needs believe from the teacher. If student failing the subject, and still the one comment by my side “I believe in you and you can do it” it means teacher trust me. I should not break her trust for which I will work out hard and will not produce excellent but at least good result and later on the student will feel their worth what it could be and it will happen due to the teacher attention.  As observing teaching criteria, I would like if you look up to my motivational comments to students Like; I believe in you and you can do it. It will eager student to give my all best to reach out something good. Appreciation comments should be observed in each kind of methodology of teaching because it is what sustain students to be attentive in school and their class.



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