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The movie I choose for this part is the political war thriller, “Blood Diamond,” directed by famous director Edward Zwick. The film stars Leonardo Dicaprio, Jennifer Connelly, and Djimon Hounsou. The movie is about blood diamonds, as the name suggests. Blood diamonds are diamonds mined in a particular war zone and sold in the market to fund the war. The movie captures the Sierra Leone Civil War of 1991-2002.

The movie shows a family being torn apart when the Revolutionary United Front enslaves the father; Solomon Vandy. The RUF forces Vandy to work on diamond mines. Solomon discovers a pink diamond during work. However, he has to hide it when Government troops attack the area and arrest them. At the jail, Rhodesian gunrunner; Danny Archer, learns of Vandy’s secret and has himself and Vandy released. Archer promises Vandy his family’s safety in return for the diamond. Vandy accepts Archer’s offer and leads him through the countryside to the diamond. Though, they both have to encounter the rebels and government soldiers to get their prized possession.

The film depicts the role played by the illegal trade of diamonds during the Sierra Leone Civil War. It shows the crimes committed, including the amputation of hands by rebels to stop them from voting in the elections. At the end of the film, a conference takes place in Kimberly, South Africa. It is the first step in the famous Kimberly Process, which pursued the restrictions on the trade of blood diamond.

The movie represents the creator’s interest in highlighting the issues. Set in Africa, it shows how humans; at the height of their misery, inflict severe violence on other humans. Danny Archer, Captain Poison, and Colonel Coetzee are all so drenched in greed that they see nothing other than the diamonds.


Two very well-known and famous architects of the modern times are; Frank O. Gehry and Frank Lloyd Wright. Both have made a significant impact on the contemporary world’s architectural designs. Frank Lloyd Wright is well known for pioneering the Prairie Style. Inspired by the broad, flat landscape of the Midwest, it is the first American architectural design from the “American Century.”  The Prairie school merges with the surrounding countryside. On the other hand, Frank Gehry’s architectural model is Deconstructionism; it contains the pieces broken down so that they appear disorganized and chaotic.

If I have to choose from the two styles, I will choose the Prairie Style over Deconstructionism. Why? Well, because Deconstructionism seems to me like a design fit for a museum, because of its artificial and glossy look. Prairie style, on the other hand, gives a realistic yet chic look. Looking at it reminds one of America, and its vast, open countryside.


The work of art I choose is the 2002 romance movie; A Walk to Remember. The film shows the female lead, as a reserved girl; Jamie, who has Leukaemia. The male actor is the most sought-after guy at the high school; Landon. Landon is apparently the epitome of a rich, famous kid who lives up to this reputation. While Jamie is a reserved girl, who no one bothers about, though, I wouldn’t call her shy. Jamie is reserved not because she is shy or introverted, but because she has leukemia. This movie shows different gender roles, contrary to the traditional roles. It shows that it is the guy who sacrifices everything for his lady and makes sure that she gets what she wants.


Both the religions; Hinduism and Buddhism, believe humans to have a connection to each other through the soul. And it is because of the soul that humans have a special status among all creations. They believe that the soul can transfer into the body of a human, animal or even a deity. Hinduism and Buddhism believe in reincarnation; they say that the soul will remain on Earth always. Christianity and Judaism are, on the other hand, Abrahamic religions. Both these religions believe that God has created humans in his image. Christians believe in original sin; referring to the Adam’s and Eve’s sin, they think that all humans are meant to be damned. While Judaism, on the other hand, believes that all humans have a free will and they can choose good or evil, based on his/her nature. The Abrahamic religions do not believe in reincarnation; they believe that the soul will face God after death.



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