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Taking a Human Sexuality Course has an impact on the level of sexual knowledge possessed by the student. While taking this course, I expect to have a greater tolerance for the sexual practices followed by others and a positive and liberal sexual attitude. These courses are offered to reduce the existing problems in society and make students more aware of the issues like sexual health, teenage pregnancy, and sexually transmitted infections. The acceptance of general sexual behaviors is improved and the overall attitude towards sexuality help in blending in all cultures.


Biology is an important part of human life, and the way sexuality is acted upon and expressed is greatly affected by culture. This course had a prodigious impact on me because it enabled me to examine the historical and cultural influence of human sexuality on society. The way I see, the society and issues concerning sexuality have changed. Sexuality is a concept that refers to the sexual interest as well as an attraction for others. After understanding this concept on a deeper level, I take sexuality as a part of human social life that is affected by social norms. Sexuality is a controversial topic, and the views of people on this concept are continuously evolving. The norms of society are different concerning to sexual behaviors, and normal individuals start knowing these norms in early age by the source of peers, family, friends, education, and religion (Pettijohn & Dunlap, 2010). My attitude towards all these concepts changed after taking this course as it offers a unique and positive perspective.

For me, sexuality was something restrictive when it comes to general attitude about sex. Since childhood, the situations taking place around me shaped my sexual behavior and motivation. Talking about sex and how children should be taught about sex is a matter of debate in our society, and these were the challenges faced by me. However, to get a sound knowledge of sexual psychology, it is important to have an open discussion about it. This course provided me a great deal of information about understanding the biological basis of sexuality. There are multiple theoretical approaches in sexology, and these theories have strengthened my assumptions. The sexual behavior is greatly affected by the gender roles, and as a boy, I was never aware of the sex therapies and sexual problems normally encountered by people. This course helped me to acquire insight of my sexual behavior and experiences. Even our culture has a great influence on how we perceive sexuality and I was able to understand clearly how my preferences and behaviors are based on culture.

The main take away includes the critical understanding of sexuality that was missing before taking this course. My tolerance for sexuality improved and I became familiar with the measures of sexual attitude. It had a great impact on my attitude. I feel more liberated in sexual integration, and the acceptance of variance in sexuality has improved. Even my attitude towards the victims of rape is completely changed, and all the myths are logically addressed.


Overall, this course was helpful in shaping a positive perspective towards sexuality. The myth and taboos prevailing in society regarding sexuality are addressed. It gave me more confidence to interact with the matters of ethics, morality, and spirituality. The norms of sexuality differ in diverse societies, so my acceptance level for these diverse norms and values improved. Now I am capable of making healthy decisions regarding sexuality, and as a member of diverse society, my sexual tolerance has improved.


Pettijohn, T. F. & Dunlap, A. V., 2010. The Effects of a Human Sexuality Course on College Students’ Sexual Attitudes and Perceived Course Outcomes. Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, 8 December. Volume 13.

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