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How to Master Meal Planning for Your Client

Meal planning is about making a list of food that the clients needs depending on his or her nutritional needs. It should also include a recipe for making the food and a shopping list that the consumers can use when shopping either in a weekly or even daily routine.

There is a need to understand first the current consumer. The consumer wants the food on demand, there is sensitisation in the entire family for healthy solution and the consumer are very busy and more innovative. Practitioners need to understand the trends in health like payment methods, change from volume based to value based.

The role of a dietician is changing, evolved standards of care include preserve the status quo and move above and beyond to; developing nutritional prescription, knowing patients and creating a dietetic relationship and collaborating with clients in real time to help them achieve the nutritional goals.

Practises that have been used by the Eat-love company that have proved successful are, focusing on great service, teaching clients on basics of meal planning, connecting favourite recipes and using the meal plans when troubleshooting with clients with the plan as a blue print. The main complexities to balance a meal plan are; personal tastes, beliefs, lifestyle, food allergies and nutritional prescription.


The lessons were biased I that the narrator is trying to market and show the capabilities of their program at the Eat-Love company this has cause a lot of deviation from the main topic that was mastery of meal planning and instead left the balancing part out from the lesson.

Final Conclusions

The session despite the shortfall was in the large part successful. It was able to highlight the core steps needed for one to master the meal planning the why, how and when aspects were all covered.


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