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How to Document Evidence in Truck Accident Cases: Tips and Strategies for Claims ‌

There’s a good reason why semi-truck accidents happen much less often than car accidents. When big trucks get into accidents, people often get hurt badly or die. Over the years, strict safety rules have been put in place to prevent horrible truck accidents. Even with these precautions, accidents still happen with big trucks like tractor-trailers.

Auto accidents are complicated situations that almost always involve more than one thing. Things that can cause a crash include a driver’s training and experience, the way the car is made, the road conditions, traffic lights, the weather, mechanical failure, a blown tire, and driver error (e.g., fatigue, drinking alcohol, speeding, etc.).

An experienced truck accident lawyers should look into all of these things, as well as what happened and who was hurt after the accident. Most likely, the trucking company’s insurance company won’t tell them all of their rights and responsibilities. If you get into an accident with a semi-truck, you’ll probably have to pay a lot for your medical care and lose your car. If you were hurt in a truck accident and want to file a claim or lawsuit for an injury claim, you can talk to a truck accident lawyer who will assist in the legal way to get the claims .

Common Causes of Truck Accidents and Assistance from a Truck Accident Lawyer

The Large Truck Crash Causation Study was done by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to find out what caused serious accidents in which trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds were involved.

The study looked at 120,000 large truck accidents and chose 963 of them that involved at least one large truck and killed or hurt someone. There were 1,123 big trucks and 959 cars involved in these accidents, 249 people died and 1,654 were hurt.

Automobile crashes are typically multifaceted and difficult to predict. A collision’s likelihood depends on several factors, including the driver’s skill and experience behind the wheel, the road and traffic conditions, the timing and effectiveness of traffic signals, the state of the weather, the state of the vehicle, the condition of the tires, mechanical failure (e.g., fatigue, drinking alcohol, speeding, etc.).

An expert truck accident lawyer and an attorney will know to look into all these elements, as well as the accident’s aftermath and injuries. Your trucking company’s insurance provider is unlikely to give you full access to the benefits and protections to which you are entitled.

Major Causes of Truck Accidents

Seventy-seven percent of the big trucks in the sample were semi-trucks pulling a trailer, and five percent were trucks carrying dangerous materials. In 73 percent of the accidents, a large truck crashed into at least one other car. Besides the above, other reasons for truck accidents may be a lot of other things that can cause a truck accident. Researchers found that drivers of big trucks did the following ten things most of the time:

  • Brake problems
  • There’s a lot of traffic
  • Prescription drug use
  • Going too fast for the weather
  • Not being familiar with the road
  • Road problems
  • A sign or device that tells them to stop
  • Inadequate surveillance
  • Fatigue

Other important things that drivers have said or that police reports have shown are perceived pressure from carriers, illegal moves, not paying attention, tire problems, following too closely, and jackknifing. The least common reason for truck accidents was illegal drugs and alcohol. Contact the top truck accident attorney if you’ve been wounded in an accident. Accident injuries attorneys use tried and true methods to pursue compensation from insurers.

How to Preserve and Document Truck Accident Evidence: Tips and Tricks for Securing Claims and Compensation That a Truck Accident Lawyer Should Secure for Their Clients

Truck accidents often have devastating results. There are flashing lights and blaring sirens all around. Your pain or shock could be preventing you from thinking clearly. Everything in your life has abruptly shifted.

The thought of filing a lawsuit right now is incredibly daunting. It’s the most crucial time, but that’s also bad news. Due to the intricacy of every given accident, it’s crucial to begin documenting the scene of the collision as soon as possible and to take measures to preserve any relevant evidence.

In order to prevent the destruction of potentially crucial evidence, a truck accident attorney will require a plethora of documents and statements from truck drivers and shipping companies. You or a loved one may be in distress and uncertain of what to do following a truck-related injury. A lawyer experienced in truck accidents can help you determine liability, collect evidence, interview witnesses, negotiate with insurers, and file a lawsuit if required.

  • Prepare a claim to submit to the insurer or to argue in court.
  • Gather evidence to support your claims, such as police records, videos/photos of the scene of the accident, information from the truck’s onboard electronic information system, witness statements, expert testimony, and more.
  • Gather all of your injury-related expenses, including medical invoices and other payments, as well as any proof of loss paperwork. According to the CDC, hospital emergency rooms see a high volume of persons who have been injured in car accidents.
  • Find out who might be responsible for damages and who might provide insurance.
  • Help you reach an agreement with the insurance company that covers your needs.
  • Take the insurer to court if they refuse to negotiate.


If you get into an accident with a semi-truck, you’ll probably have to pay a lot for your medical care and lose your car. If you were hurt in a truck accident and want to file a claim or lawsuit for personal injury, you can talk to one of our truck accident lawyers for free.

No matter if your accident was caused by a delivery truck, a dump truck, a log truck, a tractor-trailer, or an oversized load, a truck accident lawyer and attorneys can help you fight for the maximum compensation you need to recover from such an emotionally and physically traumatic event.



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