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How the Global Economy has Opened Ways in Transnational Criminal Activities such as Trafficking of Drugs

Globalization is complex issue that has both transnational corporations as well as international finance. Globalization has led to legal business and transactions as well as illegal business such as the transfer of drugs. Globalization is the integration of people globally in the world products views ideas as well as cultural aspect where people come together. Globalization has facilitated the advance in transport as well as communication. Additionally it has led to illicit businesses such as the transnational transfer of drugs from one nation to the other. This paper discusses how the global economy has opened ways in transnational criminal activities such as trafficking of drugs. The workshop in opening a global discussion which is in a position to discuss the policy of handling the future uncertainties that may be associated with transnational drug trafficking.

The more the capitalism reaches for in terms of globalization criminal activities are as well increasing in number. The means in which capitalist are suing in doing their transactions as well as transferring their cash cross border is the same means that the legal products are being transferred. However there are a number of illegal activities that are allowed to flow the same way as the legal one. Through laundering of money security personnel and those involved allow the illegal product to cross the border unnoticed. Transnational crime like drug trafficking is carried out by a group of people or a network that plans to execute crime activity by utilizing the corrupt system of governments.

There is a significant growth of drug market across the board and to the whole globe. The type of drugs that are traded on the global market include heroin and cocaine. Such type of drugs are planted in Afghanistan as well as the Adriane region and they are transported globally in large or small quantities. Most of the finance from these drug substances are used in financing criminal issues such as terrorism.



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