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How should Change Effect in the Organization?


Things are never the same, and the possibility of inclining to the old ways of doing business is likely to affect the scalability of organizations, like Walmart. Globalization makes it possible to sell in almost every part of the world. It is no longer mandatory to have physical stores to improve on sales in different parts of the world. The most important instance is the ability to market the product and create the best perception in the eyes of the consumers. Walk in any part of the world, and you are likely to get at least an individual talking about Amazon. These individuals have different experiences with the platform, and most of such experiences are sales-oriented. As posited earlier, every invention denotes change. At the same instance, it is imperative to understand what works best for the organization and ensure its implementation at the right time. Failure to execute such an implementation results to poor policies that are likely to thwart growth within the organization. How should change effect in the organization? That is a question that needs consideration in most instances. Ideally, being rigid, as the case depicted by Walmart in the initial stages makes it hard to take chances and get the best out of every process.

Change is inevitable in every organization. The most important step should be the ability to embrace it within the organization in the most effective manner that limits any aspects of the conflict. Such an instance requires key stages during the implementation. First, user involvement is such a crucial step that should materialize while embracing any aspect of technology. That is vital since failure to embrace the same is the main reason for failure within the organization. The ability to get complementing ideas from every stakeholder makes it possible to get the best out of every move. Training is also a crucial, aspect of fostering when embracing change.

It is apparent that the new system comes with sophisticated systems and the ability to learn on how to operate the same minimizes aspect of failure that can result. Even though the organization can find it costly offering training, it is still helpful in fostering success and making it possible to thwart instances of resistance that can as well limit growth as well as success within the organization. The ability to match competencies is also mandatory to ensure that certain stakeholders, for instance, take part in the marketing as well as the sales of the products. It is not proper to remain myopic on matters related to sales since the competitor is likely to get the very best in the space.

The better part of the paper will address aspects related to change management regarding technological advancements. It is evident that certain organizations such as Walmart remained adamant in the implementation of key technological instances. The approach made it hard to achieve the competitive edge that most organizations such as Amazon enjoyed for a better part of their lifestyle. Ideally, the change should happen immediately to get the very best out of the course. Once an organization takes longer to act, the competitors emerge victoriously. The ability to explore matters related to partnership also makes it possible to understand the contribution of a given block in fostering growth as well as the success of companies. That brings the aspect of bench marking, which every organization should embrace to get the very best out of every market.



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