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How can nurses in clinical practice become involved in improving the quality and effectiveness of healthcare services? What can you do at your current job? How could you become involved in quality and effectiveness initiatives at a state level? National level? What are the specific initiatives currently taking place within your home state?

The work environment matters in which the nurse provides services to patients with quality and care full of safety. The full application of skills and knowledge can enhance the services of health care, and the patient’s health depends solely on the services of nurses. There are several reasons which can affect the nurse’s service standards, and those reasons are lack of funds, outdated policies, and not supporting the nurses. The nature of the work that nurses perform is essential, and they can contribute highly to the improvement of these services. The first and for most initiative is to have leadership skill that can help take decisions that can serve the core work of health care and which is providing the finest care to patients even without the presence of supervision.

The main issue regarding patient care involves two entities, the first one is the patient himself/herself and the second entity are the loved ones who are concerned. The loved ones of the patients need guidance to follow the corrective actions to be fully supportive rather than being unaware of what is going on (Babiker et al., 2014). Nurses can contribute in several ways to the betterment of healthcare. The encouragement and the dialogues between the higher authorities and nurses can help in the policy-shaping according to the needs of the healthcare department because the nurses who are the workforce working in the front line know the implications of the nature of work. The nurses can offer other contributions as well which can help the healthcare department by using the data from their experiences to focus on their efforts which means when it comes to those patients who are not in critical situations can be dealt with by nurses alone according to their expertise. The use of technology can also help in shaping the healthcare department. Most doctors use technological instruments only, but the nurse should also operate those instruments in the hour of need.

The initiatives in the United States of America are taking place for the improvement of nursing professionals. The government is giving leadership roles to nurses and giving them the authority to fully participate in patient care with physicians as full partners so that they could learn more and take decisions that will help in strengthening the healthcare department (Regan, Laschinger & Wong, 2016). The initiatives specifically taking place in Florida cover four major points. The first point is educating the nurses in both ways academics and facilitating the nurses gain access to educational progress. The second one work environment in which the focus is now on the retention policy for the workers by managing the demand and supply of nurses. The third point focuses on the research which will build the actions and evaluate the actions. The fourth one is to make such policies that will be in the favor of nurses and provide strategic guidance to nurses (“Florida Center for Nursing > Welcome”, 2018).


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