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History of Total Quality Management Essay

Total Quality Management dates back to the 20th century. It was started in the 1980s, and it is applied till today in most of the business entities. The TQM was launched in Japan, and it has spread in many of the western countries. With a decade that is in the 1990s, most of the states were looking forward to applying the use of TQM in their businesses to advance (Charantimath, 2011).

Total Quality Management according to based on personal thought

Based on personal opinion, total quality management is a process of administration which is concerned with the continuous improvement of the business through the quality handling of the clients and meeting the employees’ satisfaction. Additionally, the quality management accelerates the evaluation of the business activities to ensure that the business is adequately managed (Charantimath, 2011).

Challenges faced by Health Organizations in implementation of Quality Management Programs in Hospitals

TQM faces four challenges. The first in the increase in the cost of health services hence increases the cost of management. On the other hand, it depends highly on the rapidly growing technology that has led to the advancement of the new techniques that can be applied in the management of the organizations (Charantimath, 2011). The pressure that the health organization receives that they should lower the cost of the health is also a challenge that TQM experiences. Lastly, the TQM also faces the challenge of issuing of the license to credit the needs of the patients hence lowering the implementation of the total quality management.

Solution to the problems faced by Health Organizations these days

The solution for the problem that encountered by the implementation of the total quality management involves adopting the system that can lead to administration of the healthcare measurably. Therefore, the implementers are asked to develop teamwork and the customer’s focus and delivery of quality services as well as education and training for the employees (Charantimath, 2011).


Charantimath, P. M. (2011). Total quality management. Delhi: Pearson.



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