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High Performing Team Essay


High performing team normally, is described as group of people united by a common vision and goals. Every Organization is always striving to improve team work since it provides a good result as per the achieved goals. It is critical and important to our society. In the Bible, It is described as known people united by a common purpose. Wisdom on how to achieve and why it is important for us is as well provided. However, the team work mentioned in the bible is not exactly the team work existing in organization of the actual world.

It is important for an organization for it does unite people of different cultures just like it is referred in the bible. The various scriptures in the Bible define and outline Team work in the following ways…

(1Peter 4:8-10)…Above all, love each other, show hospitality and learn to share among yourselves what you have. This clearly shows the need for people to use their talents in serving others and to use the skills in filling the gaps existing in an organization. Serving more willingly is important for team work.

(Hebrews 10:24-250).Let us consider encouraging one another, not giving up, showing love and doing good deeds to others. Anyone involved in Team work in every organization needs encouragement and should be made feel important. Holding meetings enable people to share, by this they build trusts.

(1Corinthians 12:17-20)…The whole body is comprised of different parts serving as one. If the parts were created by God to serve differently, it would be different. This openly defines team work as comprised of people gifted with different skills that if joined, can really produce a great outcome.

(Ecclesiastes 4:9-10) states, Labor provided by two people has got a good return compared to that provided by one person. We need others to keep achieving our goals. Moreover, (Proverbs 27:17), just like irons, one person sharpens the other. Influence is important; we are defined by who we associate with.


Encouraging Diversity: Members are of different, race, age, gender, sexuality among other. However, giving time for the diverse opinions emerging from different members is important. For this would create debates which will improve team innovation and problem solving .As a leader, I would encourage unity and positive interaction among members.

Shared leadership: Making leadership seem more transferable would enhance continuous activities of the team since one is capable of stepping in for the other as per situations. This will enable members do more in delivering results therefore sustaining their good performance.

Collaboration; by engaging members with other teams, through Social interaction and collaboration e. g breaks at the same time, scheduling of duties, will promote unity, innovation and creativity.

Purpose and Trust: Coming up with a clear purpose will motivate team members since they are made aware of what is required of them. In addition, Trust is what will create cohesion among the members. To achieve these, members are treated fairly, good personal relationship and open interaction is enhanced.


Organizations more often experience change, because as it grows, evolution emerges. As a result overcoming resistance to change is basic.

  • Communicate change. Informing employees of what is going on using both formal and non-formal means of delivering messages.
  • Engaging employees by listening to their views since it’s the employees who interact with the clients hence do understand their needs. Questions can be used, their responses read and utilized. This will make employees feel they are also important.
  • Overcome Opposition by helping them understands why the change exists. This can make them accept the change.
  • Implementing change in a process which includes preparing the change, taking action, making a plan for the change and finally supporting the change accordingly.


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