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Hells Angels Motorcycle Club


Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is a universal motorbike group, whose associates usually owns a Harley Davidson motorbike. Members of the group are the white male and are considered to be a systematized crime association by the United States Justice Department. In Canada and USA, these Hells Angels riders are integrated as the Motorcycle Corporation of Hells Angels. The common nicknames for the club are “HAMC”, “H.A”, “Red & White” and “81”.

Background History

This club Hells Angels was originated on 17 March, 1948, in California by the Leader Family who were the veterans of World War II. This club is known to be the best of all the outlaw motorbike associations. This gang has been blamed by the enforcement of law officials of criminal activities. Each member of this gang is known by a legal name. This gang is officially known as the organized crime organization by the U.S and the Canadian government. This gang has a long history of drug running and brutal violence. This gang have been also proven as the vigorous defenders of Trademark law. The Hells Angels arrived in Canada in 1977. Estimated number of Canadian members is 400 and is known to be the most dominant outlaw biker group in Canada. The members of this gang increased rapidly when they were appointed to deliver security to the stage show of Altamont event, it was the Rolling Stones concert held at a motor speedway of east Oakland during December 1969. A member of this gang was accused for the murder by stabbing death of Meredith Hunter but was later considered as innocent. Moreover, this gang was also hired to perform in several movies, low budgeted filmmakers were exploiting the fascination among the public. The Wild Angels a movie from 1966, Hells Angels on wheels which was released in 1967, Hell’s Angels 69 which was released in 1969, and Angels: Hard as they Come from 1971 these are some of the movies regarding Hells Angels.

Criminal Activities

Hells Angels are involved in numerous organized crime, including prostitution, drug dealing, and extortion and they also deal in operating in stolen goods. Members of this syndicate have declared that this is the only bike gang who has joined the group together to organize different events like bike trips, fundraising, parties and bike rallies. They have further declared that any crime committed by an individual is a responsibility of that person who carried it out not the whole club.


In order to join the club, there are several conditions, one must have a valid driver’s license, and a motorcycle having engine capacity more than 750cc. It is heard that this gang excludes child molester and the individuals who have ever applied for any police job or prison officer job.

First of all, the perspective is asked to join an event which is known as hang around, prospect is asked to join some event to meet the club associates at some meeting spot. If the hangout is interesting then he is offered to be an associate, this position lasts one or two years. After this phase the individual is reclassified as a prospect, which makes him able to join some club events but during this phase, he is no privileges of voting. The last stage and the premier membership rank is Full Membership it is also known as Full-Patch.

To be a full associate, the individual need to be voted by all the other members of the gang, if the prospect is approved by all the members of the gang then he is awarded the final logo patch which is top “Hells Angels” at the initiation ceremony.



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