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Healthcare Cost across the World Essay

The USA is on the top of the list among all developing and developed countries according to the stats of 2014. The USA allocates about 17.1 % of the total GDP to Healthcare.

Life Expectancy

The USA ranks 44 on the list of all developing and developed countries, and the life expectancy rate is about 79years according to the stats of 2015.

Infant Mortality rate

The USA is ranked 38th in mortality of infants. The infant mortality rate in the USA is 6.2 according to the stats of 2015. Otherwise, the USA ranked 29th in mortality infant amongst the 35 OECD countries.

Maternal mortality rate

The USA ranks 138 among all the countries in maternal mortality rate, with a death rate of 14 out of 100,000 live births according to the stats of 2015.

Equal Rights for women and minority groups

The USA ranks 23rd among the 136 countries for equal rights for women and minority groups.

Defense Spending

USA is among the top spenders when it comes to Defense, it spends about 611.2 billion $ from the annual budget which is 2.2% of the GDP.

Freedom of the press

The USA is ranked 41 out of 180 countries in freedom of the press.

Gross Domestic Product

USA ranks top in the list of GDP growth among other 188 countries. Producing a GDP of 17,947,000 million USD.

Foreign aid as a percentage of national wealth

The USA is on the top when talking about the total spending as foreign aid as a percentage of national wealth. In 2015, it was around 30 billion.


The USA has the world’s biggest and most powerful financial markets. Moreover, the USA has the biggest consumer marketplace in the whole world, with a consumption of five times greater than Japan.
The USA is considered to be the world’s most powerful and richest economy. The current president Donal Trump, elected in November 2016, promised to achieve a sharp break with the help of his regulatory, policies, and taxes. The largest wave which will hit American citizens in 2025 will consist of 26.2% of the entire population and 43.8% of the staff. Irrelevant of their numbers, these challenges are most likely to reduce the economic buying power and contribute 5% estimated decrease in income over the coming few years.

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