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The following questions should be asked by the person to judge his or her dependence on alcohol and depression. They should be asked whether they ever tried to stop drinking but failed or lasted only a few days. Another question should be whether they ever get jealous of the people who drink a lot but never gets into trouble. Relating to depression Phillip should be asked if he ever thought of himself as a useless person or if he ever considered ending his life. It should also be noted that if he ever feels sad without any particular reason (Erfan et al., 2015).

A mentally disordered person is a person who shows defects to a substantially disabling degree in perception, reasoning, comprehension, judgment, learning, memory, and emotions (Baldwin, 2015). A mentally disordered person is unable to perform normal daily functions of life.

Depression is a mood disorder that can interfere with the person’s ability to work, study, sleep, eat or enjoy life. Following are the five symptoms and signs of depression. Feeling of helplessness and hopelessness.. Change in appetite. A person suffering from depression may either not feel hungry at all or will have an increased appetite. Loss of energy is also a prominent symptom of depression. A person will lose interest in life and will feel sad all the time Such a person losses all interest in activities he liked doing before. Trouble in sleeping is also a symptom of depression (Junne et al., 2016).

Nursing care plans are very essential for patients who are undergoing alcohol withdrawal. The five recommended nursing care plans for such patients can be maintained the psychological and emotional stability of the patient during the critical withdrawal process. Ensuring the physical safety of the patient is also essential. It is important to include regular follow-ups and suitable referrals for the patient. The last nursing care plan should be the involvement of friends and family in the process (Coleman et al., 2015)

Support services are an essential feature in hospitals that provides care and treatment to patients after discharge (Zebrack et al., 2014). A hospital referred different support services to the patents, in the case of Philip 3 support services that could be referred are general support can counselling. This support service provides support and counselling to patients under stress or anxiety Family drug support social service helps in maintaining collaboration between the family and the patient. Alcoholics Anonymous offers help to those who are finding it difficult to quit alcohol

Discharge planning usually involves doctors, therapist and loved ones. The medical staff evaluates and finalise the patient’s treatment program and then leaves the decision to the family.  In the case of Philip involvement of family is very important for the discharge planning. How much his family is willing to take care of him should be the first consideration (Stelfox et al., 2015). What are the views of Philip’s family members about him are also important in making a discharge plan? I will try to ask the family members that in what why will they be able to help him after his discharge.

Benzodiazepine is an anti-psychotic drug that is used for alcohol withdrawal. It should be used for a short period as it can lead to abuse, addiction, or tolerance. Another antipsychotic drug is phenobarbital which should also be used for a short period prolonged usage of this drug will lead to kidney failure and loss of coordination.  and fluoxetine is two anti-depressants that can be given to Philip are in a small dosage as these two drugs have side effects like dizziness, nausea, and sleeping disorder (IsHak and Naghdechi, 2016).


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