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Health people 2020 Essay

Science-based objectives for healthy people have been set for the American people which has its principal aim of making their living health better and enjoyable. This is being done by having set goals for themselves and looking at and taking to account what they have managed to archive with time (Woodard 2018). Some of their goals are; to motivate people to work together across the communities and in all fields, educate people on the significance and impacts of what they are supposed to do while making health decisions, and take into account the size of prevention activities.

Health people, 2020 was launched with a magnified vision achievable as they speculated what would change would happen in 10 years (Fromknecht 2018). Healthy people, 2020 was set rolling so that the results of several years would be seen as a reflection of the contribution of the diverse people and individuals in the community.

Health people, 2020 has its vision and mission too. Its vision is: to develop a society in which all its people live long healthy lives. This is to be archived through its mission which is concerned with struggling for the following: first is spotting what to improve first about their health. The second is to give the nation an understanding of factors that influences their health and diseases and the way through which they can progress. The third was to come up with achievable goals that cut nationally down to the village level. And finally was to encourage all sectors to see the need of setting up policies that encourage good health from the information provided.

There is a family care database for health care and developed tools in relation to that for healthcare cost and utilization projects. Both the federal state industry and the healthcare cost and utilization project came into a collaboration to make a system for decision-making and healthcare research.

There are questions that drove health people 2020 to be established. First was what caused a difference in the health of where others are healthy whereas others are not. Then next comes the thought as to what would be done to strike a balance in the health of the people for all the people to live and enjoy healthy and long lives. The above questions were explored by the following means. Goals were set to seek for how several factors like health services body biology and social factors and policies related to the health status of the people. The second is insisting on finding an ecological approach to the prevention of diseases and how health can be improved. The ecological approach puts emphasis on both personal level and population level determinants of health and interventions.

Determinants of health have a wide range of social-economic, environmental, and even personal factors that influence it. There are others too that go beyond personal and community health and these factors include the level of education one has achieved, the environment one lives in, the navigation one undergoes and the agricultural practice they involve in.

The kind of policies to be set greatly improve the health of both individuals and that of the population at large. Setting up laws that govern the use of drugs in the country will help. Increasing the amount of taxes paid by the tobacco traders will significantly reduce the number of cigarettes smoked by individuals and make some smokers completely quit smoking which will in turn promote their health status (B., & Sharma 2018). Something else that can be done is limiting the time when certain activities can be done and restricting some activities from being done in all places. These are things like; no one should be permitted to operate clubs and pubs in the morning hours. Imposing new regulations such as the 1966 Highway Safety Act and National Motor Vehicle act which led to improving safety standards on roads which in turn led to the prevention of road accidents leave many injured and maimed and others dead.

Health functioning and quality of life outcomes are to great extent influenced by social factors and the physical environment where people live, where they learn, where they work, where they play, and where they age (., Blakey 2018). The common social determinants of health are as discussed below. Availability of resources to meet daily basic and secondary needs like healthy diets, education, and even job opportunities. The way in which a society conducts itself and its attitudes also leads to improvement or deterioration of its people’s health. Poverty is one of the social economic conditions that can make the health of people worse hence doing away with it will make people’s health better and more enjoyable. Taking care of public safety too is a measure towards achieving health in people 2020. This will mostly avoid.

The type of health services provided to the people too has a great impact on the health of the people. The common question is are the health facilities readily available and if available what quality of services are provided there. The lack of health facilities for a certain population greatly affects the health status of both individuals and the community at large. Owning health insurance too helps people to be motivated to participate in important preventive healthcare measures. There might be barriers to health care services that led to unmet treatment, sometimes delayed treatment, and even the inability to take control of health calamities.

The health of both individuals and their population depends on several factors social, economical, political, and even the education level of the people


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