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Hamlet Formal Essay


Every country has leaders who are in play to make daily agenda run smoothly. Management is a sensitive area leader’s failure crash an organization or a government. People respect leaders and obey rules and regulations set aside for smooth running of a country. A country requires the president, members of parliament, governors, and senators to foresee agenda. Citizens of a nation select leaders through casting a vote on Election Day. Citizens have a right to decide who they want to govern them and bad decisions give rise to corrupt, selfish and ruthless leaders. This essay shows Hamlet bringing to light corruption, incompetence, and selfishness of leaders in government.

Government Corruption, incompetence and selfishness.


Many leaders in office take bribes or blackmail citizens who walk through their door seeking for services. The senior official makes junior staff follow in dishonesty footsteps, and failure to comply cost them their jobs. At times citizens have no choice but to offer money to get their need satisfied. When officials in government offices are corrupt citizens, suffer a lot despite the fact that their vote puts senator office. Leaders who are corrupt enrich themselves from pockets of the weak and innocent citizen. Police official at times catch a fugitive and release him merely because he is given some money to make the case go away. A corrupt country has many criminal walking in the streets, and nobody can touch them due to their deep pockets. Police departments of some states are run by criminals who have money like drug cartels, and they pocket good cash end month on top of salaries. In countries like Colombia, there are many drug cartels in play thus resulting to murder each time. Police help cartel leaders to get rid of murder evidence and paid off to keep quiet.

To leaders are very smart taking bribes from people thus at times makes it hard to catch them in the act. Tenders to construct roads become difficult to secure when a person doesn’t have money give to officers in charge. In a corrupt government system, rich people are the ones who run and owns thing making them more vibrant. In a corrupt country, big jobs are for the rich people because they have money to buy their way to the positions (Fukuyama & Francis, 2017). Country’s projects or agenda takes time to be implemented as the officials are too busy making extra money. In a corrupt state, business is hard to run an official take a lot of money for no specific reason. The economy of a corrupt country is poor thus making weakening its currency in the capital market. Big companies and businesses belong to governors, senators or family thus establishing a monopoly market for some commodities.


Most offices have people who are not adequately skilled thus making it impossible to make the job done. Less experienced leaders make government projects always to have problems thus wasting a lot of time and money of taxpayers. Sensitive matters like military need a person who organizes them properly and helps in drafting a goods strategy when going to war. If a leader is not up to the game, he gets army members get killed which is a loss to a country. Leaders who fail to perform his job correctly, losses respect from junior staff and may finally get sucked. Department with lazy workers shows that top management is poorly run. Some leaders despite failing to perform their task they remain in office as they are family to the employer. Citizens at times take time to get justice in court, and it brings a lot of pain and stress to them. Police officials take time to deal with terrorizing criminals in the streets and at home. Paperwork in offices takes a long time to file and also to fill the data in the systems. Roads get constructed, but after a short period, they start to get potholes especially in rainy seasons. Big bridges collapse as they get built with substandard materials leading to loss of life of innocent’s adults and children. When governors and senators don’t do their job correctly, they bring down a country’s economy.


Leaders who are selfish only thinks of themselves, living out citizens who vote them into power. Greedy leaders have a lot of pride and those careless if innocent citizens get hurt or not. Leaders at times order were dropping bombs on innocent civilians to neutralize one threat thus making a name for themselves. For example during world war two United States presidents drop the atomic bomb on both Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan killing innocent men, women, and children. The president orders bombing as Japanese refuses to surrender to the United States demands. The explosion also makes a lot of soldiers to die due to exposure to ionizing radiation rays. The president doesn’t care about soldier’s wellbeing despite devoting their lives to serve their country. The president drops bombs without the consideration that women and children will get, and he is even not worried about it. President focuses on what he wants without also obtaining consent from the Congress. Currently, President Donald Trump of the United States of America orders the deportation of foreigners in the country. The president doesn’t care if they come from a country in war state or if they have business in the country.

The president wants to the full fill his desires and makes a legacy for himself. Selfish leaders hire their friends and family member to occupy a vacant position not giving a thought about their level of qualification. Leaders at times pin a fall on somebody else which leads to innocent people to rot in prison. Leaders allocate themselves huge salaries straining the tax payer’s pockets. Prestigious car, business, and homes belong to self-centered leaders leaving citizens to suffer and die poor. (Fukuyama & Francis, 2017)


Selfishness, corruption, and incompetence make a country always to run behind while others are making progress. Stability of a government determines the state of the economy as they are ones to draft laws and regulations. For a country affair to run smoothly good leaders has to come into play as they make the sound decision to a country’s agenda proceedings. Bad governance leads to loss of many lives thus making people always to grieve. A county that is corrupt excludes bright people to secure job positions in government offices thus missing a chance to create new ideas. Bright personnel migrates to other countries where they can acquire jobs easily thus their skills contributing positively to a foreign country. Citizens before voting for a leader they should evaluate him to ensure they hand over power to a reasonable person who cares about their welfare. Citizens should also demonstrate, so that evil leaders get impeached from their position and thus bring a proper flow of affairs. Intelligence officials should always keep an eye on leaders to ensure corrupt ones get the punishment they deserve by law. Transfers of leaders to other departments should be a regular thing to ensure they do not relax in their jobs. Incompetent officials should be removed from office with immediate effect thus providing taxpayers money is not a waste.

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