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The video was based on the interview be conducted by Jamie Hauer with police officer Pamela Henry who is serving as women police officer since 2005 and have been four years in Texas. In her service she most of the time spent out in patrolling while is an active police officer with full experience her husband is in military services with different departments and she considers her motivation for her working. The discussion which is broken between them is about what kind of gender stereotyping she had to face out from her department or society as being a police officer. How women are going on in her department as it is of the male-dominated department and mostly it is only considered by the people as a male industry for service and women are not considered best for it. Also what she face from male officers and do she face discriminatory behavior in promotions and for achievement awards. Do they consider her as teammate fully or not?

Looking to all interview and talk been conducted by the guest in the interview was relax and it was like that she does not have good knowledge of gender inequality been faced in society. She is going well with her job while she shared that women had to struggle as same as a male there is no discrimination from the department she ever faced. From her argument, she said women had to be strong in which her view was giving gesture women get fail in this department due to their behavior. Pamela is well supported by her family, and as her husband is in military service he is well aware of her job, and he considers him supportive.

This interview gives reflection that women are getting an equal chance in police department while there is still gaps can be identified in society by the family. As she states her family as support for her like her mother being supportive in the term to be enrolled in police and her husband is understanding her job nature. If family become supportive, we can end gender inequality from the society (Jamie Hauer-Walker)

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