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Greed is nothing but Disruption and Selfishness

Greed is a state or a feeling that enslaves human beings and makes them selfish enough to destroy everything just to comfort their personal selfishness. Greed makes a man unstoppable to collect his desired fortunes, and he never stops until he dies. Greed is wrong and bad because the greedy person never distinguishes between right and wrong and does whatever he wants to do. The play “Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare is an actual example of man’s greediness and destruction. An analysis of greed in the play of Shakespeare reveals one important aspect: Cassius’s greediness of power leads him to destroy his life along with other people who are related to him.

The play’s main characters were Cassius, Brutus, Marc Antony, and Octavius Caesar. Cassius is greedy and wants power from Caesar, which leads him to kill Caesar. The greed of power makes him a killer. After killing Caesar, Cassius does not get any power, and his greed wrecks him. All the other characters started a war against Cassius due to his sinful act and murder. Cassius did not get anything but shame and regret his whole life to kill an innocent for the thing he never had or will never get.

Greed destroys a person if he/she follows the path of greed without distinguishing between right and wrong. Greed leads to regret, pain, tension, hatred, sins, and bad deeds and also takes a man away from his relationships. The greed of power destroyed Cassius’ life and made him a killer or an innocent man. He made his living hell for himself because the regret of killing an innocent person will never make him happy or satisfied in his life.

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