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Good Parenting Essay

When is a parent said to be good? Who decides whether a parent is good or not? This may seem to be a simple topic but, on the contrary, it is a delicate and sensitive issue. Whether a parent is good or bad depends on their relationship with their children as well as the character and behavior of their children. Children are less likely to listen to their parents when there exists a bad relationship. How can one become a good parent?

Trust is a pillar of all relationships. A parent should strive to establish some trust with their children. This will encourage the child to listen to your ideas and opinions. Establishment of trust will require dedicated patience, time and perseverance. It is a slow and steady process. With well-developed faith, there is likely to be empathy, honesty, self-control, self-reliance, cheerfulness, cooperation and kindness. Additional, it is less likely for children in such relationships to suffer from mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, antisocial behaviors and eating disorders. It also prevents the child from indulgence in drug abuse (Eve, Byrne & Gagliardi, 2014).

A parent can be said to be good if they are not hesitant to communicate with their kids. Factors such as a series of distrustful and dishonest acts are attributed to communication gaps. A good parent also ensures their kids know that they are always there for them. They are friendly and honest and are not strict or harsh since such acts instill fear and rejection feelings. Good parents also ensure they formulate reasonable boundaries they build and enhance trust and educate children on the significances of confidence in your job. The children are awarded greater privileges when a real relationship is established. A good also portrays signs of self-trust and have faith in themselves and their decisions (Vinik, Almas & Grusec, 2011).

Conclusively, efforts, patience, and faith are necessary for every relationship. A healthy, fulfilling, satisfying, and stable relationship is established once there is a loving relationship. In instances where trust is broken, parents ought not to be disheartened. Instead, they should make an effort and try rebuilding it. By making the first move, children will know you are willing to work with them. Parenting is a challenging job which requires love and determination.


Eve, P., Byrne, M., & Gagliardi, C. (2014). What is Good Parenting? The Perspectives of Different Professionals. Family Court Review52(1), 114-127.



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