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Goals and Dreams of my Life

As an individual, I have goals and dreams that I am determined to achieve, and I am willing to roll my sleeves to ensure that I make them happen. Throughout my life, I have always dedicated my time and conviction to ensure that I succeed in my line of profession. This is the primary reason I have selected this program. Besides, I have had various experiences that have assisted in expanding my practical skills and knowledge of finance and accounting, which provides me with the inspiration that I will succeed in this particular program offered by your institution. I fully understand that success in this field requires dedication, perseverance and time, which I am willing to put on board to ensure that I excel in it.

After my undergraduate degree, I landed an internship at PwC, one of the most prominent accounting institutions across the globe. The experience I acquired from this gig has enabled me to understand the importance of well-detailed planning for success in any project one wishes to undertake. During the period, I was able to work long hours including late nights, which have since taught me the value of perseverance and persistence in efficiently delivering a critical outcome. Detailed planning, persistence and determination are essential qualities for success in this program. Therefore, the motivation to enroll and complete this program emanates from my previous experience as an intern at PwC, where I was able to turn tables to see to it that the success of my career depends on my resolve and commitment to continuous educational improvement. I’m profoundly convinced that such an excellent performance and in-depth experience will ultimately yield my desire to succeed in the program.




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