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Global Poverty

In the evolving era of social trends and innovative technology, global poverty is one of the prevalent and rising issues in the whole world. Global poverty creates various negative impacts on the social system which includes education. The negative impact includes psychological pressure, financial tension, and lack of readiness to acquire education. Education is the backbone of a strong country. Global poverty has a major impact on the academic system of countries from all around the world. Global poverty creates a barrier for children growing up in poor families by lacking the readiness to acquire education and achieve academic goals.

Children are the most vulnerable part of society which get affected by the global issue of poverty. The major threat of global poverty is to the education system of a country significantly affecting the social system. School readiness is an integral part of a child reflecting on its cognitive skills, and motivation to achieve its academic goals. However, the social issue of poverty is creating a massive barrier between children to have the component of school readiness. The children who are suffering from global poverty face psychological, social, and financial issues while achieving their academic goals. The lack of motivation caused by global poverty forces many children to drop out of school in their early years. According to a research study in Canada, children growing up in low-income households have a strong relation with less school readiness (Thomas 2007).

Hence, it is proved that lack of school readiness is caused by global poverty. Global poverty affects the social, psychological, and academic lives of children growing up in low-income households. In the big picture, when children are not motivated to achieve their social and academic goals, the education system of the country goes down by creating more social issues giving rise to global poverty.


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