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Global Poverty: Annotated Bibliography

Gilabert, P. (2012). From global poverty to global equality: A philosophical exploration. Oxford University Press on Demand.

Global poverty is one of the significant social issues which is being addressed by philosophers and theorists to make new ways to tackle this prevailing issue. This book reflects upon the implementation of global principles of poverty relief and democratic distributive justice. Gilabert addresses four significant questions related to the moral principles of global poverty. These questions revolve around positive moral duties towards minimizing global poverty, analyzing global egalitarian principles, and aiming for global equality apart from the annihilation of severe global poverty. This book pursues to alleviate global poverty and implement global equality by moral justifications, political articulations and incite motivation.

Pablo Gilbert addresses the issue of global poverty by posing some significant questions to our legislative system and our moral principles. Then the evidence-based argument is provided to answer these questions. Therefore, this book is a great source for my research because of its philosophical foundation (evidence-based) for our moral principles in addressing global poverty.

Ravallion, M. (2008). Global Poverty and Inequality: A Review of the Evidence.

This research paper reflects upon the current circumstances of global poverty and income inequality. It reflects upon the recent poverty inclinations, level of poverty between 130 countries by conducting household surveys and research. It sheds light upon the negative association between the indices of inequality and poverty. According to its research findings, Asia is a major contributor to the global poverty scale. The research conducted on these 130 countries also brings light upon the statistical relations among the dynamics of poverty, inequality, and economic growth. This research includes developed and developing countries.

This research paper is a credible resource for my research for various reasons. The statistical research data and analysis in this paper provides evidence for my research upon the current circumstances of global poverty trends in the world. This research article includes both developing and developed countries which enhances the quality and overview of the analysis of the global poverty dynamics.


Gilabert, P. (2012). From Global Poverty to Global Equality: A Philosophical Exploration. Oxford University Press on Demand.

Ravallion, M. (2008). Global Poverty and Inequality: A Review of the Evidence.



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