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Global Poverty

Human beings are confronting with many issues at the global level at present times. Global poverty is the most heart-rending issue among all of them. The issue has become life-threatening to the masses of many regions all over the world. Numerous families face an acute shortage of necessities of life such as an adequate supply of food, drinking water, shelter, and clothing due to this hideous disparity. Human beings are facing a threat to life on a global scale. In addition, the issue has ruined humanity for centuries, and it still exists with zeal and zest, even in the modern, advanced, and civilized world. Various schools of thought like cosmopolitanism, globalism, and humanism ponder great concern over the said issue (Gilabert, 2012). Numerous grounds and causes for global poverty include conflict among masses, inequality among humans, lack of education, the inadequacy of state governments, discriminatory laws for international trade, social injustice, joblessness, climate change, and hegemony of world powers over developing countries. However, several remedies can be beneficial in this regard.

Undoubtedly, global poverty leads to numerous problems among the masses. Many people live their life on or below the poverty line around the globe. It has disturbed the social fabric of third-world countries and played havoc on the developed countries of the world. The goal of humanity is to set up global equality instead of global poverty. Blunt (2019) stated that there are numerous reasons for flourishing global poverty in the world. The hideous one in this regard is warfare and conflict among states as well as among the masses. War leads to the absence of welfare in the world. Correspondingly, the hegemony of world powers over the resources and wealth of developing regions leads to global poverty. The discriminatory laws, policies, and rules of international trade have ruined the peace of humanity.

Moreover, individual deficiencies scarcities on several grounds breed global poverty. For example, the lack of education and lack of skills among the masses leads to global poverty. People lack proper education and training to earn their livelihoods. Such reasons lead to joblessness around the globe (Blunt, 2019). Similarly, social injustice among masses as well as among states also breeds global poverty. The incompetency, inability, and corruption of respective authorities in state governments have enhanced global poverty. The third world countries are directly affected by this hideous phenomenon. Meanwhile, climate change and global warming have nourished global poverty by deteriorating numerous resources for human beings around the globe.

However, this global issue can be addressed by implementing several solutions. The major step in this regard is establishing global and social justice. In addition, states and masses can lead towards global equality by eradication discriminatory laws, trade policies and minimizing the hegemonic role of world powers. All individuals should be educated skillfully, and the states should take such measures to produce job opportunities. So, the responsible authorities and institutions should devise such policies to stop warfare and conflicts around the globe. Various responsible actors should play an active role to control abrupt climate change around the globe. The states and international actors should devise such policies to nip this evil in the bud. And there should be a restriction on wasting resources by individuals and states (Lorsson, 2020).

Hence, from the above discussion, it can be concluded that global poverty is a major problem for all world countries. The various reasons behind this include individual, national and international differences. This issue has ruined the mental and psychological peace of human beings around the globe. The goal of humanity is to eradicate poverty from the masses and establish global equality. Numerous approaches can be adopted in this regard. Various international personnel and organizations must play their role in this regard so that this world can be a happy and just place to live.


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