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The primary focus of the speakers was on the idea for teachers to train and encourage the students to express theirs believes and perceptions, which are made on observations of the world around them, in positive social interactions and discourses. The web seminar was aimed at helping and guiding the teachers to create such environment in their classrooms, which would attract students to participate in meaningful and effective discourse. Those above was one of a primary web oriented seminar, which was to direct advice to the teachers to implement methods of “Next Generation Science Standard,” and the other K-12 science education standards, which has three further dimensions. Several practical techniques have also explained the speakers on how to implement the coursework to create the environment.

The GSE standards addressed by the webinar.

The GSE, “Georgia standard of Excellence,” is formed to assist students of science to enhance advance knowledge of the subject, and to become proficient in relevant skills. This curriculum regulatory body has an ambitious project for Science Literacy” which aims at infusing and integrating technology into the curriculum.

Your original thoughts as to the effectiveness of the webinar

As to being an attentive part of entire 1 hour 16 minutes webinar session, I found it quite helpful for both, the students and the teachers. The best part of course as the whole was the questions and answers sessions, which were arranged from time to time sequence, which was extremely useful in regards to clarification and revision of the lecture. Both the speakers were highly qualified and experienced. Audience on their part was contributing fantastically, and their intellectual questions were adding lot more to the quality and usefulness of the web session




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