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Generally speaking is being late to work a personal or a social problem?

Being late to work occurs in the following situations: someone waking up late, the tendency of someone to always wake up late or an emergency problem which someone encountered leading to him or her reporting to work late. From the above perspective, it is clear that being late to work is utterly a personal problem.

Question 2

Identify one manifest and two latent functions of professional sports teams in general- this is not about any particular sport.

Manifest functions of something can also be defined as the results that are intended for that particular thing while latent functions are those results that are unintended or unexpected. Within the concept of a professional sports team, the manifest function of a professional sports team would be trained players, coach them and offer them an employment opportunity and win trophies while the latent functions would be unexpected things like failures within the teams, squabbles among players and injuries associated with participating in sports activities.

Question 3

Why do you think that Hernando did not release Sarah earlier when he had many opportunities to do so?

Hernando is a convict and a criminal who has been charged before with many similar cases of kidnapping and robbery and his intentions for holding Sarah hostage despite the numerous opportunity he has to attest to his notorious nature of kidnapping people and perhaps demanding ransom from the family. Also from the narrative, Hernando wanted to release Sarah at a time when any trace of the crime he had committed (rape and kidnapping) could not be tracked. He wanted to go scot-free, and he even imploded Sarah severally not to report to anyone.

Question 4

Do you think Sarah should have waited for the bus?  Why?  Do you think the outcome would have been different if she had?

No, this was a strange encounter that Sarah did not expect. She was approached by an unknown assailant (Hernando) who tried to rob and upon realizing that people were around Hernando dragged her to his car to avoid being noticed by anyone. This encounter was unexpected, and I don’t think Sarah would have been safe on a fateful day.



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