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Gender Balancing Essay

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Utilitarianism contends that whether something is good or bad depends on the effect that particular thing has had. If the effect is positive then the action is good. On the other hand, if the effect is negative, the action is considered bad.

Gender balancing is a relatively new concept. Nowadays, colleges are concerned about their attractiveness to students and therefore, are coming up with new ways to attract students. One way is to put a limit on female enrollment as they fear, more female students would dissuade male students from applying to their institution. There is also a sense of fear that enrolling more women would pose further problems for men, which they must avoid.

Gender balancing is not done while keeping diversity in mind. Rather, the opposite is witnessed. Educational institutions have still to shun the cloak of resentment towards women and accept them as equals. Gender balancing is just another way of ensuring that women are kept under check and that the status quo is maintained. The end result of this approach would further add to the divide among men and women. Moreover, such a policy would negatively affect the advances that women have made in society. It would also harm the interests of ethnic minorities. Gender balancing would lower admission standards as well as limit employment options for women and ethnic minorities.

Under the utilitarian approach, this admission policy is not justifiable as it would have negative effects. Gender balancing is just another way of reversing the advances made by women and ethnic minorities over the years. Utilitarianism is about achieving the greatest happiness for the majority. However, this admission policy is only looking at favoring the economic interests of institutions and males. On the other hand, it is a big drawback for women and ethnic minorities.




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