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Gangs Drugs, Youth, Victimization, and Parental Impact Essay


Currently, in the United Kingdom as well as the whole world, there are a number of problems related to gangs and violence. Among a lot many important and problematic issues in society, the youngster’s life, and the following groups and drug-involved individuals, it is extremely required to be researched as well as to find the causes of the criminal activities. The main aim of this research paper was to concentrate on the young generation of the United Kingdom that why they join gangs, why they use drugs, how their family affects them, what background they have, and whether social services support or any help that they have been offered or any help being asked by gang members to leave the gang. These sorts of questions will be analyzed during the research.

This dissertation is aimed to change some perspectives towards the youngsters and will bring some better understanding to their lifestyle, and there are some reasons and diversities which would help in leading the people to get involved with this activity in which the primary causes are the social, economic and psychological factors.  The second most significant factor in which that age and gender are the most involved in tempting the youngsters and young adults in addicted to drugs. In this research, I will mainly concentrate on how and why people are joining gangs and how and why using drugs. Also, I will research the effect of parental impact on youngsters, psychological issues and physical needs will be examined, and any correlation between poor background and educational issues will be compared during the dissertation.  There are many factors that can lead to other factors it may trigger deviant behavior.  For example, drugs and gangs are related issues,  However, doesn’t mean all drug users are gang members but there is a correlation between them is because both doings are illegal and considered criminal activity.

Literature Review

Reason for this research: there is an increasing problem in the U, K and the World

Many youngsters are in danger. It would be beneficial for youngsters to support them in their troubles. However, we need to understand the problems before trying to help them. We can produce ideas and suggestions to solve the problems. In this dissertation, my intention is to what the young people feel according to their criminal actions. Do they have any feelings about doing drugs or hurting people? One of the studies shows that Young people cannot understand or recognize sadness, but they acknowledge happiness, anger, and fear equally well.[Austin 1986 cited in Clive R Hollin 1992] Another study shows that offenders cannot cope with social challenges than non-offenders [ freedman at al 1978 quoted in Clive R Hollin 1992]. Feelings of the youngsters and understanding their problems will be the primary issue in this essay if youngsters are choosing the be a gang member willingly or unwillingly, means that they have an offer to do so, social media and social factors play leading roles in their decisions. Young people that do not have the right education do not understand the consequences of their actions. They are not capable of making reasonable choices in their lives.

The proposed area of study

Why do youth join gangs what makes them attractive to join and why parents do not prevent them from joining gangs? Why youngsters interested in using drugs?  Parental impact on them, Psychological issues, ethnic background, and gender will be searched. All of the specified factors are briefly discussed in the research. It is assumed that these factors could be the basis of converting the positive and highly educated youth individuals towards gang drugs and other social problems.

During the research, some of the theories will be applied in the social learning theory, choice theory, and psychological theories. It would be necessary that the research would need more theories in the analyses of the factors which would be responsible for the development of the Psychology of social issues, which the most prominent are teenagers and adult psychological issues. These issues are raising with the passage of time and we don’t have enough time to wait for them to be handled because of the rapid increase in the number of individuals enrolling in these problems.

Key Skills and research questions

During the research, the key skills are how to approach the problems in the criminological, sociological, and psychological way as well as understanding the situation and observing it from a different perspective which would help in resolving the problems and answering a number of questions which arise on every social issue similar to it. For example, what causes youngsters to join gangs, and how do solve the problems? The parental approach to youth will be analyzed. What are the social community roles toward youngsters? All the steps will be followed which would help in finding the best answers which would include the evaluation, suggestions, discussions, and critical analyses. These steps will be easily implemented and will help in concluding the final output and solution to the problem as per described.

 Aim of study

The main concerns of the study which it is focusing on is all about the discussion of social issue, which is gang drug, youth involvement, and some reasons. The main aims of the study are underneath which will help in elaborating the concerns more prominently. Solving a problem is the core purpose of the study as well as it is also producing enough content which would help in the understanding of similar problems among adults as well as teenagers.

  • Try to understand why youth is interested in gangs and drugs,
  • There are any parental impacts on them
  • What are the attractive things for youth?
  • Can we identify the problems and find any solutions for the problematic area like criminal behavior
  • Are there any suggestive ideas or some ideas already put into practice and what can be included?
  • Psychological issues and any mental disorders

These questions are efficiently answered and are helping upon the parental impacts, attractive things for youth and as shown above, many acts are the proposed solutions for it.

In the discussed aims of the study, it is required for the study to find a way of understanding what reasons the youth is involved in gangs and drugs. There are several factors that are causing the increase in the levels of parental impact on the young and teenagers who are tempted towards drugs and gang activities. Parental influence is one of the main factors which could be included in the research and should be understood that this is one of the most influential factors that could help in reducing social crimes among teenagers, young adults, and overall youth.

Ethical considerations

During the research, I will use secondary sources that may have contact with some of the victims. However, it will be followed according to ethical issues regulations, it will be asked if they consent to answering questions or their names will be given in the research essay, parental information and close relatives or gang members’ names will not be given except for a person give a consent. It is always required that these ethical considerations will be highly followed and would not be violated for the security and to let the individual away from the media and other social networks.

Methodology and Data

During the research, I will use books, journals, articles, Google Scholar, internet sources, newspapers, magazines, quantitative data, and qualitative data. The personal interviews would also be conducted upon demand. There were a good number of books being studied which would help in the elaboration and resolving of the underlying issues. The books which I have read, interpreted, and made my research to completed without any hindrances include the Oxford handbook of criminology, Criminal Behaviour Clive R. Hollins, A World Of Gangs John M Hagedorn, Criminology Tim Newburn, Criminal Behaviour Clive R are the main sources as well as the primary data sources which have elaborated the main and the basic concept.


In a nutshell, it can be explained that in the current era of the conditions all over the world and the influence of the drug everywhere, it is required to understand the problem completely by making research and finding some better solutions. It will be highly recommended to implement those solutions as soon as possible so that the problems of the society like gangs, drugs and parental impact, and youth victimization should be understood and resolved. In the United Kingdom, many cities are affected by this problem and it is explained that it will be highly increased if not handled properly with the help of parents and government officials. Due to a lack of understanding of the problems of the young community, we are forcing them to get enrolled in such crimes which are not expected to be practiced in the country.


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