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Functional Behavior Assessment

The argumentative behavior is when students always argue with the teachers, and disruptive behavior is when a student disturbs the class by mocking other students, not doing any work or rude to the teacher. These two kinds of the students are most annoying for me because such behavior wastes time and energy of the teachers and students.

Studying the behavior of the students is very essential as it helps the teachers in getting to know their students properly. It also aids the teachers in understanding and solving the behavioral issues of some students who create trouble in the class. It helps the teachers to effectively use the energy of the child in a positive way.

The study team will explain to the mother the effects of disruptive behavior by Kenyatta on the teacher and other students and the benefits of functional behavioral assessments. The team will explain to the mother that FBA helps the students in learning new and appropriate ways to get what they want. FBA method is used when the teacher is unable to solve the behavioral problems of the student by using other basic classroom intervention methods. The teacher needs to analyze how frequently a child exhibit disruptive behavior. What are the situations that trigger the student to behave in a certain manner. A teacher needs to know the A-B-C model and the impact of replacement behavior on the student (IRIS, 2018)

Learning about FBA will impact my teaching in various ways. It will help me in understanding children with disruptive behavior, what their needs are and how to apply appropriate replacement behavior. Changing the off-task behavior into the on-task behavior of the students will aid me in maintaining a calm atmosphere in the classroom that will be beneficial to all my student and me.


IRIS | Functional Behavioral Assessment: Identifying the Reasons for Problem Behavior and Developing a Behavior Plan. (2018).



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