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Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal Programs

Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal programs had a substantial influence on American history. This deal was a change in government philosophy. This deal made the American people realize that the economy and welfare of the people are the responsibility of the federal government.

The New Deal had a great social impact. But it did not offer equal treatment to women and African Americans (Woolner). Unequal pay scales were offered to the monitories and women. The unemployment rate for blacks was high, and there were people who were used to hiring. There are several reasons for this inequality present in the New Deal. There was a period of recession and government was not able to equally provide opportunities to minorities also (Woolner). Some of the discrimination was removed with minorities by the federal government as a part of the New Deal. It was present at the local level, adding to the limitation of the New Deal.

The worst economic depression in the history of the United States was The Great Depression (1929-1939). The fact is that there is not a single reason for this worst economic depression. The Depression started with Herbert Hoover’s policies as a present and was directed to the selection of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s policies greatly affected the economy of America. This depression was happening as a result of the stock market crash (1929). There was a stock market boom that changed investor’s perspective on the stock market. Now, the stock market is not used to have long-term investments. People started purchasing stocks on margins to become rich in the 1920s without considering the inherent risk in these investments (Kelly). The worst thing was that some banks also invested customer’s money into the stock. After reaching its peak in September 1929, the market started declining, and this was the worst decline that affected the economy badly.

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