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Formal Letter to Instructor

Dear Instructor,

With utmost enthusiasm, am writing this letter about the assignment requirements. My name is Allen Sung. In response to question one of the assignment, my hobbies include; reading, traveling and making new friends. When am unoccupied, my hobbies usually come first. Those are staffs that I do.

With the online usage learning, to me, I would like to opinionate by saying it has excellent performance. Personally, online learning helps to communicate with my instructor directly; I don’t shy neither fear unlike when we are in a crowded class. Online learning helps in doing more research since when am online I can access so many learning materials. A grade of above average is my rate to this online course.

The strengths of the class include active participation by the students. The frequent availability of the course instructor. Delivery of timely work for corrections and revision. A student can multi-task when he is online. The course offers some strengths that upon maximizing can yield productively. The weaknesses are; online learning encourages laziness to some extent. Copy pasting of work. Time variability, for example, when am online another colleague might not be online, among other weaknesses. To respond to these weaknesses, a specific time for learning to be provided so that all of us as a class should be on board. More learning materials to be availed online.

My future anticipation and a career goal are to become a scientific researcher. The course plays a role towards my career since my research skills are enhanced bit by bit. The process of doing assignments helps me in doing research. The unit fits in my career goal in a big deal.

Writings that am expecting to cover in this unit is to understand more on professional writing formats like APA, MLA, and Harvard. So far have done professional writing dealing with an APA format style. I wrote a report worth twenty-five pages, whereby the paper was strict in observing the format. Have not taken an online course so far but am expecting to be enjoyable since am doing it from the comfort of my home. So far as for me no concerns, but I will raise them as we go along.



Allen Sung.

Miami University Middletown.



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