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Foreign Language Essay

Language is an important and main part of any culture, family, the human race, and community. The world today would be quite different without language. Language affects the daily life of members of any region, creed, and race of the world. Language helps to express our desires, feelings, and queries to the world around us. Foreign language is one of the most enriching and rewarding skills, languages play an important role in our lives because it not only open our minds but also helps to connect more to the world and learn different and new cultures. It also helps us to communicate easily with the foreign people. Languages unite people and countries and give many paths of success and involvement in the world so it’s well worth it. It also opens up job opportunities, establishes deep connections and cross-cultural friendship, gives your brain a boost, get and outsiders perspective about your own culture and creativity also increased.

By using the knowledge of foreign language, I can easily communicate with foreign people without hesitation. I want to do a Masters from abroad so by knowing country’s native language helps me to settle in the abroad easily and provide me a better understanding of lectures. And after Masters by putting a language proficiency skill on my resume proved me more opportunities. And by gaining a strong grip on writing, reading and oral skills, and foreign language also help me in decision making. And as most of the businesses have offices in abroad and most of the companies want to do a business with another country, therefore more chances to get a job because the company needs more people who can communicate in those situations.

By learning foreign language helps others as well, you can easily teach others, you can easily become a translator of others and you can easily create multitasking skills. You can develop an interest in learning other languages by sharing your knowledge and resources of foreign language, make others aware of opportunities related to that. So that by helping others increase your knowledge and build deeper and broader connections that may benefit your professional life.



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