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Fire In The Hills By Donna Jo Napoli

Response to “Fire in the Hills”

“Fire in the Hills” is a well-known book which is written by Donna Jo Napoli. This particular book was first published in 2006. It is a good example of a literary work that provides deep insights into the particular impact of Nazis on the lives of individuals (Napoli). The effects of war are successfully explained by the depiction of Roberto, who is going through the dangerous journey of his life. Here my particular focus is to respond to the “Fire in the Hills” with the connection to the personal perceptions about the story.

Undoubtedly, the particular story of Roberto, explained by Napoli, gives the necessary insights into the perspectives of courage and motivation to sustain the journey of life. The little boy, Roberto, is kidnapped and suffers from different forms of difficulty. The author explained that he anxiously wanted to go home and make different attempts to successfully approach his family. Roberto’s specific journey was not an easy task at all, as every mission was more dangerous than before. The irony of the story’s journey is that the main character never gives up on his problems. Ultimately, he managed to survive successfully by experiencing different forms of problems.

I perceive the particular story of “Fire in the Hills’ as the feature of the immense level of intensity. It effectively explains the aspect of strength and concentration in life, which leads to the point of success. This particular facet is effectively defined throughout the whole story. Another crucial theme that can be explored in the form of the story is the prospect of helping each other as good human beings. The paradigm of helping others in any form can be helpful to find one’s own way in life.

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