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Some Lessons from the Assembly Line by Andrew Brakeman

Andrew Brakeman’s article, “Some Lessons from the Assembly Line” is a good example of somebody who experienced school and work life.  He has a main argument focused on the significance of students working in Michigan industrial areas during summer and also attending college (Wyrick& Jean). They are granted an opportunity to gain work experience.  This guaranteed opportunity is in preparation for their future careers and challenges they may encounter in the process.  Most importantly, they exhibit their value on education by working hard at school.

The author remarks that missing classes and collecting lazy assignments is past tense because he realizes how life could have been without education. He is faced with challenges that include; long working hours and human replacement with a machine (joblessness) (Wyrick& Jean). This challenges makes learners enthusiastic and more focused after summer holidays.

The article majorly addresses the students. Lessons that can extract are; challenges workers face, hands-on work experience, how to lose or acquire a job, to be responsible, time management and education value (Wyrick& Jean). They are motivated to work hard since they have the opportunity.

The main goal of essay writing is to have the authors claim to support. Students working in the factory during the holidays is very essential. It gives them the zeal to strive in their studies and experience life career.

My support for claim incarnates from authors arguments and my experience as of a student. Working in Michigan industries has impacted my life in a manner that; early rise for my lessons and work hard (Wyrick& Jean).

Feedback is crucial for a written essay.  In my position, I can do article betterment after receiving fellow students’ feedback, respond to adverse claims about writing, add points to make it simpler and for evaluation and correction of claims (Wyrick& Jean).

Revision strategy.  Proof-reading of the content and structure is essential. Adding some information can make the article interesting (Wyrick& Jean). Material attracts the reader and enables learning of better presentation methods. In this case, the writer can rectify mistakes and easily identified errors hence compose an outstanding essay.


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