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Many people across the globe love to watch a film of movies that make them feel entertained or educational. Cartons or animation videos attracts children and adults as they imitate animals which or recording happens in imaging children’s voice. People gather in cinemas with friends and family to watch a movie they love, which brings a sense of peace within their minds. Some videos are free to attend online, others a person purchase to watch. Movies have trailers which are an overview of the whole video clip. movie sample makes a person like or dislike a video clip.


Families love a movie known as Coco which is a story of a young man aged 12 years, who aspires to be a musician. Coco is an animation movie. The family of young Miguel has been against music for many past generations. The young man’s dream is to become a famous musician like his role model Ernesto de la Cruz. Miguel accidentally disappears from home to a place known as the land of the dead where his great-great-grandfather lives. The young man desperation to become a musician and break the family history makes him search for a place to stay rather than home. The upcoming young musician meets a friend known as Hector who is a charming trickster. Hector and Miguel start a new journey together to unlock the real story behind the family history of Miguel. Coco animation film shows parents not to hinder their kids from pursuing their talent and passion. Current generation originates from ancestors, and the history should be embraced not set aside. If parents hide the family history somehow the kids will discover the truth and lose faith in them.


Whiplash is an American drama film about a young jazz drummer (a first-year student) known as Andrew Neiman (Miles Teller) with a dream to rise in a conservatory of his elite music. Andrew Neiman’s teacher or instructor, Terence Fletcher (J. K. Simmons) discovers the young student talent and transfers him to top jazz ensemble which becomes his turning point in life. Andrews’s teacher Terence has teaching methods that are terrifying and abusive. Terrence pushes Andrew drumming too hard to a point where drum beating changes from his passion to obsession. Whiplash shows that some teachers in schools are a terrible example to the students they teach. When a teacher is too hard on a student, it has a negative impact on his or her mental health and can lead to insanity. Students should report to their parents and the school authority about teachers who abuse them. Children’s talents should be natured should be natured with a lot of care. An abusive teacher should be stripped off his title and banned from every teaching anyone.


Noah is an epic biblical drama demonstrating the Bible story in Genesis about Noah ark. Noah is chosen by God to build an ark to save him, his family and some creature. Noah picks his wife, daughter, his two sons and their wives in addition to breeding pairs of every type of animal to board his ark. People of the earth becomes too sinful, and God is angry. God decides to wipe out the entire humanity from the planet through floods except for Noah’s ark. Noah and his family witness whole humankind being wiped out by the flood. Earth is covered by water including the top of the mountains where many people go to hide to escape floods. This drama brings a clear picture to Christian on what happened during the time of Noah. Christian through this film, it teaches them that they should isolate themselves with sinful acts to escape God punishment. Noah’s ark signifies a symbol of hope to Christians who repent of their sin and embark on a journey of a righteous path.

Films are essential they remind us of our history and tell us more about what is happening in the surroundings. When a person watches a video or movies, he or she runs something useful to apply in life. Films are entertaining; they are good as they help relieve stress and thus good mental health.



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