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Fight against diabetes

Problem Statement

A healthcare program in the fight against diabetes is deserved of many communities in the United States of America. The project will target underserved communities in the United States. In America, close to 29 million individuals, which constitute to 9.3% of Americans have diabetes (Joseph, 45). Moreover, 28% of that number are not diagnosed (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 34). This signifies a hanging 8 million individuals are living their day-to-lives with a chronic disease and have no treatment. The program will put up a crusade on diabetes and create awareness of the negative effects of the disease. In addition, the project will loop in experts from different organizations with regard to caregiving, which will provide free clinic sessions to underserved populations.

The program is driven toward charity and ensures that America has a healthy community. The program has sponsored links to different websites and social media as avenues for donations through PayPal, western union, and Payoneer. The project has partnered with the American Diabetes Association, which has volunteer experts that are willing to be part of the program. The project has also partnered with different nursing schools that are willing to have their students intern in the program.

Work Cited

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