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Factors Leading Towards Positive Life

Every individual has a dream to be successful in life. A person is driven by many factors that influence his/her life in many ways. The events that unfold in life can take an individual either way. Even out of the harsh experiences, the key is to derive a positivity that could contribute to life.

Successes come through positivity. Rejection, Dejection, sense of deprivation, poverty, loneliness, failure/fear of failure, etc., are the harsh and negative elements that are part of human life, but these states are not permanent; constant striving helps man to transform his life fully by positive means. The major factors that construct a positive life are a positive attitude, Education/Learning, Adaptability, Skill, Tolerance, Strong temperament, Cooperativeness, Giving respect to others, Friendliness, Confidence, Creativity, Openness, Sense of Satisfaction, Clarity in the objective of life, Good planning for betterment.

A positive attitude is a state of mind through which an individual perceives and comprehends things and events generally in a constructive and optimistic manner. This quality certainly helps in moving forward by leaving aside all the negativity. Approach to an overall life with a positive attitude is the key to success.

Education makes a huge difference to the overall personality of a human being. It helps to build yourself from the core. The institute from where you get an education also plays a vital role in developing your life. Therefore, the role of your teachers is imperative to set a platform for you. The subjects that you study should be of interest to you; in that way, you’ll be able to apply your mind fully to the learning, and this will also enable you to explore more. By the time you reach high school, you should have clarity in mind about the area of specialization in your higher studies. According to the book ‘The Other Wes Moore,’ “For some of us, the promotion of adulthood, or at least its challenges, is so jarring, so sudden, that we enter into it unprepared and might be undone by it”(66). The focus in this regard must be in the right direction.

Adaptability- Life is a series of harsh and pleasant events and circumstances. The ability to adjust under any sort of circumstances also holds the key to success in life. Lessons learned during tough times strengthen your inner, and you come out with positive energy for the next stage of your life. According to the Other Wes Moore, “It’s not the process you should focus on; it’s the joy you will feel after you go through the process” (170).

Tolerance is the ability to accept other’s opinions with open hearts and minds. It certainly makes you a better human being and helps you achieve a positive livelihood. The overall environment in your surroundings becomes very positive if the trend of tolerance prevails. Temperament needs to be solid in order to meet the challenges of daily life. The ability of not being carried away with lengthy problems is the right approach in life, certain things in daily routine make you monotonous but you have to overcome this feeling in order to accomplish the task as it is required to be done. Cooperativeness becomes part of your personality once you achieve tolerance and a strong temperament. The willingness to cooperate with the people in your surroundings refines your workplace, home, and gathering with friends. All these traits produce a sense of contentment in your life, which leads to happiness. Happiness is a sense that emits inside. The ingredients of tolerance, strong temperament, and cooperativeness are great in contributing to a positive life.



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