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Facebook Pros and Cons in the Business


In the 21 century, it is an era of enormous development in the communication technologies or media technologies. These technologies have a positive as well as a negative impact on us. In our daily life, we use different media such as social media especially Facebook. Facebook is one the most useable social media site, and there is almost more than one billion user in the world or more than one billion Facebook accounts. These social media have a prominent role in our daily life.

Facebook has many positive and adverse impact on our lives. All peoples of access to Facebook either literate or illiterate, male and female, businessman and non-business holders. They have definite as the well adverse impact on our life or business.

Facebook impact on our business pros and cons.

Every technology has some pros and cons. Facebook has some pros and cons in our business.

Pros of Facebook in your business

Every business small or large needs advertisement, advertisement help business to grow more and Facebook gave a platform where you advertise your business. On the face, you create a page that is free of cost and promote your business product or advertise your company. Simply Facebook is an open source of advertisement.

Awareness campaign on Facebook about your business, brand or company

Facebook is one of the most significant social media sites. Many brands use Facebook for their campaign it helps to start media campaign for your brand, and it will help to your brand make a particular space in the market. Many brands use Facebook for their business campaigns such as mobile phone companies Huawei, Samsung and many other companies use Facebook for their brand campaign.


Affordability is one of the leading pros of Facebook for the business community. The Facebook site is affordable for every business company either you have a small business at the local level, or you have a large corporation that expands all over the world Facebook is affordable for everyone.

Engage your customer:

Other vital pros of Facebook are, through Facebook you engage your current customer and also invite new customers. Facebook gives a platform where you interact with your customer and join them and also reachable. Facebook help your business to be aware of your new varieties that are new in your stock.

Results or rating:

Facebook also plays a role as a survey it helps to give the reflection of the audience what is the demand of customers and what needs to improve in your commodity or your business. The Facebook insight is helping full for your business if a vast number of share and like that it will fulfill the demands of the people. If a customer has any objection, they comment on your Facebook account or page, and you have an option to remove their query and gave the services according to the demands of the customers.

Cons of Facebook in your business


First and foremost essential cons are time-consuming. The usage of Facebook is taking a lot of time. On Facebook marketing, you need more time to attract the audience. The Facebook has not a specific audience that you target and sell your product. Many business holders of their business pages they have a terrible experience. Facebook media advertisement is a time taking advertisement source, due to that many business groups not utilize this source of advertisement.

Facebook also has a highly criticize when you use Facebook during working hours. Many workers or staff member use Facebook during working hours, and they hurt your business. Facebook is a time killer machine, and it is hazardous for your business.

Engagement of audience:

Engaging the audience is a challenging task, and it is one of the leading drawbacks of Facebook. When you start your business page on Facebook, it is challenging to attract your audience and engage them.

Twenty four hours job:

Facebook advertisement is twenty-four hours job. Facebook is a platform where you interact with your customer, and there is some object that he points its necessity that you answer them at that time. If you have not given proper time to your business page a Facebook it does not give you positive response.

You need marketing expertise:

You need marketing expertise to engage people and attract them through the Facebook that is very difficult. Many businesses in start Facebook as a media for advertisement and platform for interacting with their customer but due to lack of expertise they have a terrible experience. If you are not expert in Facebook marketing, it is challenging for you to gain the particular business objective.

Specific audience:

Facebook mostly use by Youngers. Another drawback of Facebook is that the audience is limited in this media. If you use Facebook for advertising and your product is for kids or old person then you cannot choose best media source because of the most used of Facebook, and it is suitable advertising media when you target a young portion of the population.


Facebook play an active role in your business. Either positively or negatively. There are some definite advantages and also have some negative impacts on Facebook in our business. If we have the expertise and use only for the business purpose, it is a beneficial and very cheap and modern source of media for advertisement.


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