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Explanation of Self

Optimism and honesty are my notable strengths. I believe the optimistic thinking is a key to live peacefully, and it helps you in hard situations. I am really not good at lying and what I believe is that being honest saves you from a lot of problems.

In the next three months, I would like to buy my own car. I’m not being materialistic but it’s about I want to work hard enough to make myself independent. If I had no restrictions, fears, and boundaries, I think my life would be much adventurous and worth living. My personality could have become daring and bold.

Going to Turkey is my desire. If I ever got the chance to go there, I would never hesitate.

Not all humans are perfect. We all have positive and negative sides but the things which I really admire about myself is my honesty, and love for people. I care about people without any expectation of return. I am really bad at pretending something which I’m not. Thus, everyone around can see my true self. Even if I don’t say anything, my facial expressions are enough to let other people know my genuine feelings.

Honestly, I am not happy with the person I am right now as I think I haven’t changed. My negativities are still there and I haven’t made any effort to become a better person. I am still a coward person and trusts people too quickly. I show love to myself by trying to keep myself happy most of the time. I do things which makes my soul satisfied with reading books, going shopping and getting a good sleep.

Since self-growth is really important, I believe, one must progress towards betterment every second. I would really like to change my temperament as it gets uncontrollable sometimes. And the fear I have restricts me from doing a lot of things, I would like to get that out.



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