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Explain how you might differentiate for student readiness based on content, process, and product. Think about what you want Mary to learn and how you plan to teach it (content), the activities she will engage in (process) and how she might show what she has learned in a different way (product).

The strategy of teaching required in this scenario is individualized instruction strategy. This strategy focuses on uniqueness of every student and will provide required guidance for his learning. The teacher in this type of instruction will take advantage of student’s plus points and areas which are of most interest of student. It will use the strategies that ensure understanding and learning of that specific student by identifying the best abilities of the student and then base the activities on these abilities so that student can learn effectively and never loses interest in the activity.

In the case we have seen that Mary already has an understanding of the concept of “atom” and has an interest in the subject of science. It is evident from the pre assessment that Mary does not need an introduction of the atom concept therefore the “content” of the learning outcome i.e. knowledge of the topic is already achieved for Mary. To take advantage of Mary’s concept the teacher will ask Mary to come to the front and draw a structure of atom on the white board and describe it. In this way her concepts will be shared with the rest of the class. The “process” of individualized instruction will include Mary when she will share her ideas with the students and draw the structure on the white board. The teacher is advised to provide more detail on the topic where required. The product of the individualized instruction for Mary will require her part in helping the students understand the concept of atoms and their structure. She will take advantage of examples of available things by describing how each of them is composed of atoms, and the structure of atom by describing its similarity of our solar system. Her understanding will help the students maintain interest in the topic and they will learn effectively.

Considering Davion’s interest in comics, explain how you might differentiate for student interest based on content, process, and product. Think about how you might differentiate the way you teach atoms to him (content), the activities you may engage him in to help him make sense of the content (process), and the options he has to show he has mastered the objective (product).

Davian being an average student needs additional support in teaching him about the concept of atoms. The instructor will need to devise a strategy to ensure Davian’s understanding of atoms. Davian’s interest in comics need a separate instruction strategy to be followed by teacher to deliver concept of atoms to Davian. Incorporating comics in the lecture will maintain his interest in the topic and he can learn better as he is a good learner but only if the topic of study interests him.

For this purpose the teacher can use a comic as content that provides explanation of atoms in a funny and interesting way. An example of the comic can be as follows.

C:\Users\Sky PC 12\Desktop\atoms.png

The process of content will also include Davian. The teacher will ask Davian to explain the comic to class and then provide what fact the comic is pointing. He will later deliver the whole understanding of atoms concept with the help of Mary to the class and encourage them to study in detail about atoms.

Explain your rationale of your differentiated approach for each student and how it will support these students.

This differentiated approach for Mary and Davian increases interest of both in the topic. Mary being a science lover will like presenting her understanding of concept to the class. She will be encouraged in her learning given the opportunity to teach the students and she will be motivated to maintain her interest in science. Providing opportunity to describe the concept to fellow students will increase student’s trust on the teacher and it will increase interest of Mary in coming lectures.

The use of comics in a funny way to describe an important concept has been a successful strategy in schools and is currently used by many teachers. The use of comics in the describing the topic of atoms will increase interest of Davian in the lecture. As he is asked to describe the comic and his understanding of the concept to the students, it will increase his confidence level in the class and encourage him to provide more effort in the studies.




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