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The business environment is consistently evolving with the innovation of new management challenges and trends. The change often creates difficulties for the status quo in an organization. In such a competitive market entrepreneurs and the diverse workforce are essential to cope with the changing tasks for the organization. The human resource wing of the company will have to manage the affairs by recruiting labor from different backgrounds. Similarly, the opening of a new company office in the city of Miami having diverse culture and geography also possess challenges for the management to formulate the technical strategy. The business strategy must incorporate people from different ethnicity to deliver according to the demands of the community. The training, evaluation and assessment of the existed staff can improve the services and management of the company.


Various factors contribute to the propagation of the change in the company. It can be catalyzed by the change agents and also from top to bottom. Innovative ideas played the crucial role in driving the phenomena of change. The concept regarding the companies is well known to all the management staff and executives that they need to innovate according to the market and environmental competitiveness. Similarly, innovations have different forms. Some of them are discontinued, continue and those that are dynamically continuous innovations. Those companies weather in Miami or outside the city if do not innovate they cannot upgrade their supply chain.

In the same way, corporations that do not move their supply chain are not able to remain competitive in any city or market. Companies always require innovations in adopting their particular strategy and business policies. The sudden or dramatic changes happened in the business along with the changes experienced by their consumers are often done by the innovation. Those changes that impact on the business of company are the discontinuous innovation. When the company refines its market, it will cause the gradual and the incremental innovations. The purpose of such types of changes is to adjust the demands and expectations of the consumers. For example in the city of Miami company will have to modify its services and process so that people of the city can adjust their needs.

The corporation sometimes adopts the changing environment and conditions of the market and try to fix according to the situation in hand. Such kind of the change would be dynamically continuous innovation (Colbert, 2016). The purpose of these changes is to tackle the trends and to place the positive impact on the psyche of the consumer. The prerequisite for the change management is the innovation, and without it, the corporation will have no benefit. For example, in the Miami with the new office, the company can explore by incorporating the preferences, likes, and needs of the people with the products and services. If they change their motto and made abrupt changes, it will harm the business, and it will be the discontinuous innovation.

Those companies that strive to remain best in the global market are mostly concern with change. The innovative and updated teams of the said companies like 3M keep the competitors on their toes and provide happiness to the consumer. The exemplary and emulated changes by these corporations are the lessons for others to follow them. Similarly managing the diversity is one of the critical challenges for any organization. We have the example of the company management and the VP of the human resource who are opening their new office in the Miami. The city of the Miami is one of the different capital of the United States. The city ranked on the seventh number in respect of cultural, religious and the ethnic diversity.

The city of Miami is a global city with the increasing cultural interchange, political engagement and the business activity along with the exchange of the information. How the human resource will manage the issue of diversity in such a competitive and globalized city. It is a big challenge for the management to devise the strategy that can efficiently cope the problem. The human resource wing of the company can take the diversity management assessment. The fundamental aim of the evaluation is to find certain gaps in the operations and the business of the company. By highlighting the practices that are existed and the revisiting the opportunities for the improvement the company can quickly overcome the issue of the diversity in the city of Miami.

Three entities are mostly responsible for the handling of the tasks especially with the diverse cultures (Goetsch, 2014). The human resource managers, owners of the business and those managers in charge are the factors that can complete the process of the assessment. The phenomena of the evaluation are necessary and essential for every public or private sector organization. For the management, certain factors and core areas of the assessment can contribute towards the new business plan for Miami. The support and the commitment of leadership or managers and the analysis of the importance of the diversity management is first core factor.

The second criteria for the assessment would be the policies and the practices of the staff and their requirement. It will also include the performance and the development management. The third core factor that influences the diverse workplace strategy is the creation and development of inclusive and the harmonious workplace. Similarly, the tracking and the monitoring for performance effectiveness is also the primary element that revolves around the management of diversity in the organization. The human resource will have to recruit those individuals that are most suitable for the jobs regardless of their ethnicity and the cultural background. It will help the company in Miami to have the harmonious diverse workforce. Explanation of the impacts that might influence the outcomes of the business is also essential to remain successful and competitive in the international business market.

The assessment in analyzing and managing diverse workforce is essential for the growth and progress of the business. Especially in the new environment or in the competitive business market like that of Miami it will help and provides a lot of benefits to the owners of the business. Similarly along with the assessment, the role of the technology is also crucial for innovation and up gradation of the industry (Hunt, 2015). Technology possesses importance in driving the change management. As with the rapid advancements and the growth in the global market management of the companies must realize to implement quick changes. Technology in this regard provides means to accomplish the task. Bringing the new products by applying fast methods can meet the quality demands of the consumers of the Miami.

The companies also require to drive out those unnecessary products and administrative steps to safe cost and the precious time. The implication of the technology will assist the company to manage the change operations. One of the critical challenges for the technical staff and the leaders are shifting from projects to the cost reduction projects which can develop innovative products. It will also affect the cost and will drive the revenue for the company. In the present era of modern technology, automation allows companies to use internal support for identifying the functions of the departments. The company can further use the advanced technology for other cooperative purposes.

The company can outsource administrative operations by using the technology. The management will have to consider the return on the investment spends on the installation of the technology. The manager must evaluate the expensive technology before the facility if it provides goods to few members of the staff. The company places the decision-making process at the optimal level by using the advanced technology. The cost could be saved for the company if it used the technological means in the logistics and purchasing transactions. The advances in the technology and the communication will ultimately give benefit to the company in enhancing the relationship between the suppliers and the customer. The companies will have to look at the future changes other than taking advantage of the present technological facilities.

Those companies that are opening their business in Miami and focusing only on the profit might miss the chances to implement some needy changes which could affect the future probability (Martins, 2016). The five-year strategic plan must be revisited every 12 to 18 month. The reexamination of such policies will influence the performance of the company in diverse cities like Miami. The organization must also manage the possible scope of the changes. In the same way, the internal cultural differences will require successful integration with the advanced technology. The management can tailor the decision regarding the fast track changes that occur in the business world.

The diverse workforce will provide the number of benefits to the company. When the human resource hires the males or females from different backgrounds, it will have the distinct image in its mind. The phenomena of diversity in labor of the company are far more than just hiring those people having different age, ethnicity, and the culture. Every individual with its background will bring innovative ideas to the forum of the company. The recruitment of the different individuals in the organization provides the creativity along with the range of ideas and perspectives. In the same way, these people also offer various talents, skills and the experiences for the progress and development of the company.

The skills and the services of people with diverse background enhance the performance of the company. The crossover of the skills while interacting with each other will ultimately give benefit to the new office of the company in Miami. The new company will have to hire those people that fit for the respective services in the organization. Through the variety of skills, labor can learn from each other; they can also enhance their experiences. The new ideas can be born from the bouncing experiences of employees with diverse concepts and working styles. It will ultimately create innovative suggestions and useful feedback (Peretz, 2015). For example, if one person was generating new ideas, other will execute it with his/her experience. It became necessary for the worker to play with one’s strength and cooperate with other members of the diverse team.

The language and the cultural obstacles are always tricky for the company to expand its business in other parts of the world like the company is opening its new office in the Miami, it will need of diverse workforce. The problem can be overcome by hiring people with different languages and culture which are readily available in the Miami. The employees of the company will assist their management in broadening their business in the global market. They will also help their company in interacting with diverse clients in the international market. Representation of the different nationalities provides the company to be more relatable. Similarly, the company having people from the various background will smoothly progress and attracts the client.

With the rise of the vacancies, candidates for particular positions will ultimately rise, and it will provide the company to hire the person with exceptional abilities. It will also help the corporation for employees’ retention. People are mostly interested in working in the diverse environment. They prefer to be treated with equality. The inclusivity in the atmosphere of the company will enhance the comfortability and the happiness of the employee. Similarly, equal treatment with all the workers will encourage them to perform the best possible services. With the high morale of the team, the company will have more productive employees. The company might face severe lapses in overall performance and functions with inequality among the employees.

Studies show that people are more convincing to those companies that hire the diverse workforce. These people are sure that corporation will not imply discriminatory practices among the employees. The workers with increase potential want to know whether their employer treatment is fair or not. The company while starting its operation in the Miami can attract new talent and retain the existing ability due to the diverse high-level workforce. According to the Rob McInnes, homogenous group of corporations is no longer represent the top talent in the company, because of the employees that are serving people with different backgrounds and life experiences.


Concluding the discussion, it is to say that international business is significantly evolving and creating challenges for the human resource management of the corporations. The opening of the new office of the company in diverse cultural and geographical city of Miami will challenge the abilities and strategies of human resource staff. The managers will have to adopt such kind of strategic policy which could incorporate the cultural and ethnic workforce from the city of Miami. The company will also have to manage innovative trends that are influencing the status quo of the corporations. Proper training along with the assessment of diverse labor can overcome the challenge of change innovation in the business management.



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