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Etisalat Company Analysis


Telecommunication is currently a lucrative venture in contemporary society and businesses are working on ways to ensure growth and scalability in the sector. One of the organizations in UAE is Etisalat, which is a brand for the Emirates Telecommunication Group Companies providing telecommunication services to most parts of the Middle East. The company found it imperative to scale operations in other parts of the world to meet the rising demands. The company headquarters is in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. Currently, the revenue stands at a value close to 51.7 billion AED. These are values recorded in 2015. The possibility of having other subsidiaries is also worth noting and among them includes Maroc Telecom, Ufone, and Etisalat among others. The various CEO that served in the organization such as Saleh AL Abdooli ensures that the production processes are in line with the demands of the customer and the level of satisfaction remains at the top-notch to compete fairly in the market. The most common areas served include the UAE, Saudi Arabia as well as Sri Lanka.

Key partners: MTN, DMCC, and TDCA are among the key partners of the organization and most collaborate on aspects related to data roaming.

Key activities: The focus of the organization is the provision of cheap telecommunication services which places the organization at the top of the market due to the provision of cheap and reliable services to the customers. The key resource is the real-time infrastructure that fosters communication in the region.

Value proposition: Partnership with other customers makes it possible to cut costs, and that makes the premise to stand out in the market. Moreover, it embraces the cost-leadership strategy to compete fairly in the market.

Customer relation and segment: The organization value customers in UAE as well as other regions to promote growth and success.

Cost structure: The provision of the additional price data to various regulators makes it possible to meet the rising demand in various segments.

Revenue stream: The revenue stream currently stands at a value close to 8,780 and that makes it possible to improve on major practices



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