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Ethical messaging in a crisis

Toyota motors are Japan-based Multinational Corporation. Toyota motors have a massive network around the world. Due to an extensive network, TOYOTA MOTORS set a code of ethics. In which they give rules and regulation for handling crisis in any occurred. There is eleven code of ethics for directors and managing officers. These codes help the smooth running Toyota multinational corporation. These will help Toyota Corporation in many crises to solve the problems quickly.

Toyota starts a consumer complaint cell which helps to the consumer any complaint against Toyota Corporation to resolve them. That is also effective for the Toyota to remove these complaints in a future for a better customer attraction. Consumer complaint cell helped to decrease faults and increase the number of Toyota customer. Due to response positively the complaints of customer it gives a smile on the face of the customer, and this is the great achievement of Toyota.

Toyota is Multinational Corporation and has a vast network around the world. That is very important to make a reliable and valid system of communication between Toyota Corporation and customers, and also makes strong communications network within the Toyota Corporation. For the communications and relationships use local staff that has no language barriers and give a good response (Jin & Smith, 2018). This step helps Toyota Corporation to grow more and more increase the number of their customer around the globe.

The code of ethics of Toyota Corporation plays an essential role in resolving the issues and bringing a strong network of communication. The Toyota Corporation code of ethics plays a vital role in addressing the crisis. These codes of ethics play an active role in minimizing the crisis. This ethics response was positive to solve the crisis in the real sense. The systems of ethics play an essential role in the time of crisis these ethics gives an outline how to resolve the crisis (Jin & Smith, 2018).


Jin, Y., Pang, A., & Smith, J. (2018). Crisis communication and ethics: the role of public relations. Journal of Business Strategy39(1), 43-52.




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