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English Verbal Communication Essay

Communication is exchanging information between two or more people by writing, speaking or using some other medium. There are many types of communication but Verbal Communication has been chosen for the area of interest. The verbal communication contains oral communication through words and writing whereas the non-verbal communication includes expression behaviors and body language. Verbal communication is basically the face to face communication for the people. Some of the important factors of verbal communication are sound, language, speaking and words. Verbal communication allow us to express ourselves through words. When we are happy we talk in a positive way but when we are angry we chose other word to express ourselves. It also includes the written word i.e. magazines, emails, letters, books, faxes, newspapers, commercials, announcements etc. Verbal communication makes the life easier by providing clarifications of misunderstandings and serves missing information. Verbal communication can be useful to correct a wrong. “I’m sorry” is the most powerful and effective than an action. It can be used as a tool of persuasion. It generate many opportunities like debate, creativity, stimulate thoughts, and creates new relationships.

To establish the successful business relationships, verbal communication is very important. Employees of an organization can make business relationships with other organization, suppliers, and customers through verbal communication. It reduces the cultural and language difference barriers. Most of the multinational companies organize the trainings of effective communication skills for employees. It also increases the job satisfaction between the employee and employer. It improves the confidence and productivity of the employees as well.

Transaction model is used for interpersonal communication. Senders and receivers are known as communicators, they interchange their roles. It includes the role of context and environment. Also includes noise and communication barriers as factors.



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