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Employee Profile of Hightec Firm

Appendix A

Employee Profile

It is important of Hightec firm to embrace use of employee profiles. In these, the firm is able to understand the needs and desires of the employees, the employees are able to network, and the organisation is equipped of detailed personal information of the employee. An employee profile contains;

  • Personal and professional information. E.g. contact, photo, addresses, relationship, hobbies, projects worked on among others
  • Activity stream which provides information of the employee updates on things that they are working on.

Having employee profiles will ease the selection and training for the executives to go on international duty. The manager is able to distinguish which employees can suit for the expatriate job by picking out areas of strength and desire from the employee’s profile alongside their competences in order to ascertain the best pick

Appendix B

5-dimension chart

Appendix C

Balance Sheet Approach

This is a blueprint to compensation of expatriates which ensures that the workers can keep up with their home purchasing power when they go on a temporary duty away from their countries. According to the balance sheet approach, workers keep on being paid their home pay, keep up the connection to home advantages, and get a progression of recompenses to adjust have versus home expenses for money charges, products and enterprises, and lodging. These stipends are particular to home nation, pay, and family measure, and are balanced after some time to bring home and host swelling and conversion standard changes into account.

Appendix D

Job Description

A job description is an instructive documentation of the extension, obligations, errands, duties and working conditions identified with the activity posting in the association through the procedure of occupation examination. Set of working responsibilities additionally points of interest the aptitudes and capabilities that an individual applying for the activity needs to have. It essentially gives every one of the points of interest which may be useful for both the organization and the candidate with the goal that the two gatherings are in agreement in regards to the activity posting

For any eventful hiring and selection, an organization should possess a detailed job description. This enables thee manager to single out a better crop of required candidates to select from.

In this instance, the expatriate job description will include;

  • Position details. i.e. the title, area of operation, length of contract including start and end dates, supervisor and training requirements.
  • Objectives of position. Includes a detailed description of the needs of the international assignment

Position requirement. Relays the qualifications and skill set required of the position. e.g educational qualifications, experience, professional and personal skills such as communication and diplo



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