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Effects of News Media Essay

Yes, the information media have a social responsibility to play. Information has become readily available. People can watch or read the latest news on their smartphones.   The press presents typically information as if they were facts when in reality they are just opinions. Nowadays, the media industry is more concerned about getting a higher rating and increasing their revenue base. Also, media has a role to play in providing people with fact-based news. More often the media provides opinion pieces by discussing what is right and wrong. There is no doubt that news can influence a person’s opinion easily. The media should simply report news and leave the public to make up their mind. It is vital for journalists to provide the public with every detail on what is happening around the world.  The media has a responsibility to provide objective, truthful and balanced news. The media plays a vital role in the society, and if they give misleading information, it can cause havoc.  In case media reports inaccurate information, it will leave the public with false information. The media needs to be upfront about their source.

There is no doubt that the media has a significant influence on the public view on politics. The impact is evident, especially during elections.  For instance, if the media gives its opinion about a given presidential aspirant being on the lead, then the person will win the election.  Most people think that whatever the press says is true.  It is usually not the case.    If an individual feels that the information given by the media is accurate, then they will change their opinion based on the news. An individual can change his support for a given political party if they find that what they support is not popular.  Parties are using the media to get support from the public (Cary, 2010). Media is used in political campaigns. According to Lynch (2012) media acts as a check for the government power over its citizens. The media brings information to the broader audience.

Technology has made it possible for the business to provide customers with convenient service. Media has not been left behind. Electronic media allows people to get news on the go and from anywhere. Journalism has greatly changed due to technology. Electronic media has changed the journalism in several ways. Only those organizations that can adapt to the changing technology will survive in the future (Glogger, 2012).

The first change is that in the past news was being printed.  However, with the technological advancements, the media has to change the way they publish their news. In doing so, they would increase their customer base.  Given all these changes, the media was able to provide information on time.  The media can now have live updates and keep people updated at all times. For example, before electronic media, users had to wait to get their newspapers the following day. However, with electronic media, they can get the news on their smartphones as soon as it has been published.  People can now access new anytime and without any delays.  Furthermore, with electronic media, the companies have the opportunity to reached people from all over the world.


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