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Effective Feedback in Individual’s Improvement Course

The delivery of effective feedback is critical when it comes to an individual’s improvement course. There are numerous ways through which one can improve the delivery of useful feedback. One of the ways is through having a proper preparation for instance, since employees take feedback seriously, taking time to appropriately prepare for any given feedback session just like any other meeting is more than fundamental in enhancing the effectiveness of the provided feedback. Another way to improve the delivery of effective feedback is through proper timing.

Any given feedback is more than useful when it gets delivered at the right time that is when the concern or rather an event is fresh. It is also important to always understand the power of negative feedback hence making it a necessity still to strike a balance between negative and positive feedback. Positive feedback, in this case, is still highly recommendable in that it comes along with a motivational aspect. Negative feedback, on the other hand, is as well necessary especially when it comes to addressing specific issues. Negative feedback, therefore, brings change to particular ways of conduct that might be detrimental to a given organization’s productivity hence solving the problems by explicitly pointing out any mistakes or rather wrongdoings sparks a change thus making it effective feedback.

Feedback, therefore, ought to take a form of approach towards a given challenge or issue in a manner that entirely explores, for instance, the causes of a given problem and consecutively the possible and reliable solutions. Excellent feedback brings with it numerous advantages that augment the general employee performance and productivity. Feedback undeniably instill energy in the workforce since the employees work to improve themselves besides their organizations hence acting as a reliable means for their general growth and development.



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